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Mega Buzz: Is There Hope for Carrie and Quinn on Homeland?

Things aren't looking good for the immediate future!

Adam Bryant

There's a host of changes heading Carrie Mathison's way on Homeland.

The new season, which picks up two years after the end of Season 4, finds Carrie (Claire Danes) working for a private security firm in Berlin. "Carrie really isn't an intelligence officer this season," executive producer Alex Gansa tells "She's definitely rejected her past. She is trying to find a way to forgive herself for all the stuff that she's done throughout her career, and she's begun to question if any of it made any difference at all --whether she made any significant difference in the world. We actually find her doing something almost 180 degrees opposite to what she was doing in the CIA."
And she's made a 180 on the personal front as well, as evidenced by her raising her daughter with her new lawyer boyfriend Jonas Happich (Alexander Fehling)."She has also been released from a false worldview of herself," Gansa says. "Her mother told her at the end of last season, 'Have a relationship! Your illness isn't keeping you from that.' So, we do find her in a very domestic arrangement with a guy, and that gives a whole different flavor to the season."

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So, why wouldn't Carrie try to pursue a relationship with Quinn (Rupert Friend), who made his feelings known at the end of Season 4? "She hadn't been released from her false worldview at that point," Gansa notes. "Relationships are all about timing, and the timing was just 12 hours off."
But don't expect Quinn to be pining for Carrie. In fact, it sounds like he won't be in the mood for any type of romantic entanglement in Season 5. "Quinn will be a different character this year," Gansa says. "He spent a couple years down in Syria and Iraq leading a special forces team. You can imagine the stuff he's seen and how that might affect him."

Homeland returns Sunday, Oct. 4 at 9/8c on Showtime.

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