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Mega Buzz: Which Former Hero Might Be a Bad Guy on Heroes Reborn?

And how is HRG involved?

Adam Bryant

From the looks of the Heroes Reborn trailer, Zach Levi's character is on a mission to wipe out people with special abilities. But could the evolved humans also be betrayed by one of their own?

"I'm doing something you don't expect," original cast member Greg Grunberg says of how his character, telepath Mark Parkman, is reintroduced into the story. "I don't want to say I'm dark, but it's a lot more ominous than you're used to seeing Matt Parkman."

The new story, which picks up a year after a disaster that wiped out a Texas town, finds those with extraordinary abilities in hiding because the disaster has been blamed on them. When one conspiracy theorist (Henry Zebrowski) locates Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman), HRG sets out to learn what's really going on. During HRG's search for the truth, he crosses paths with this new Parkman. "Everybody's just trying to take care of themselves and take care of their families," Coleman says. "Matt's made a decision that's based on taking care of his family, but it puts us in opposition."

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Fortunately, not all the old characters have changed too much. "We are very aware of our roots and we don't want to ignore them," Masi Oka says, adding that his character, time traveler Hiro Nakamura has matured some but still retains the essence of the character. "He's kind of a hybrid of the old innocent Hiro and the future Hiro. He's still going to be a badass, but he has a moral code and that childlike wonder in him. This time around it's about him passing the torch to the new generation."

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Additional reporting by Jessica Roy