Alex O'Loughlin, Sandra Oh, Michael Weatherly Alex O'Loughlin, Sandra Oh, Michael Weatherly

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What's the deal with McGarrett's sister on Hawaii Five-0? — Jen
Mary's presence will be explained in an upcoming episode in which she's kidnapped. McGarrett and Danno's investigation will reveal that her disappearance is connected to the murder of McGarrett's mother years before. The lead suspect: a businessman with significant ties to the Japanese mob who's also a close friend — and major campaign contributor — to the governor.

Derek's taking Cristina fishing on Grey's Anatomy? How will Owen feel about that? Diane 
Owen thinks it's a great idea for the now-unemployed Cristina. "Owen's attitude is that he has to give her space in order for her to find her way back [to the hospital]," Kevin McKidd tells us. His hands-off stance will put him at odds with Meredith, who thinks Cristina needs to be back at work as soon as possible. "Owen and Meredith really have a battle of wills during this whole thing."

Loved seeing Tony's dad again on NCIS! Anything else coming up for DiNozzo? — Andrea
You bet. After the winter break, you will see Tony like you have never seen him before: humorless. "We wanted Tony to have no sense of humor for a whole episode," Michael Weatherly tells us. "At the end, you realize an awful thing has happened to Tony and he's just responding this way." He says Tiva fans won't want to miss it. "Ziva confronts Tony about what's going on and it's her insight that allows him to unlock this thing that's got a grip on him," Weatherly says. "It's the truest, most romantic and painful scene, and I think it may be my favorite series moment for DiNozzo."

Will House and Dr. Masters continue to butt heads? Matt
MICKEY: Of course! When a case of smallpox breaks out at the hospital, their working relationship will be tested in a new way — when she's the only doctor available to prevent him from getting infected. He's even grouchier when you quarantine him, you see.

What happened to Alexis' boyfriend again on Castle? — Mandy
While he hasn't appeared lately, he's still very much in the mix. In fact, it sounds like Alexis and Ashley are getting serious. "In an upcoming episode, Castle has to meet the parents, which is kind of fun," creator and executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. "He has to sit down and break bread with Ashley's parents, so we'll see how that goes." My prediction? Awkward, party of five.

What is the deal with Alex and Michael on Nikita? Please tell me they aren't heading for a Alex-Michael-Nikita triangle. — Kelly
I think you can stop worrying for now, as the show is looking to add a possibly recurring character to play Alex's good-looking, confident new neighbor. We're hearing that love is in the air for Alex, perhaps because Hunk Across the Hall offers her a glimpse at life outside of the endlessly depressing Division.

It's been a while since you've given us any CSI scoop. — Grant
Keep an eye out for a single-minded vice cop who helps Nick solve the murder of a hooker whose dead body was photographed and put on the Internet. Although the possibly recurring character is the "pretty decoy" type so often seen on police procedurals, she'll prove to be more when she does her Notre Dame mascot impression instead of reading a suspect his rights.

Will Addison urge Charlotte to report her sexual assault on Private Practice? —  Rachel
Yes, but Charlotte will avoid the issue. "She wants nothing to do with Addison right now because Addison knows the truth," KaDee Strickland says. Sooner or later, though, Charlotte will have to deal with a decision that Addison has made on her behalf.

Got any dirt on Cougar Town? — Miles
This sounds promising. The show is looking for someone to play a 12-year-old Grayson for a flashback in which the future "doucheboat" will be shown competing in a talent show. No, he won't be strumming his signature guitar — he'll be tap-dancing. (Also: Penny Can!)

Are we going to see more Chance flashbacks when Human Target returns? Sam
Not flashbacks per se, but when Baptiste (Lennie James) returns, we'll definitely learn more about Chance's backstory. "Chance has to go to jail and bring him back to solve this other case," Mark Valley tells us. "They're working together reluctantly, but you get to see what relationship they had. In doing so, you understand more about Chance's past as well."

What's this I hear about the 90210 girls taking a spiritual retreat? — Lila
The ladies of West Bev go to Ojai for a yoga retreat, during which several emotional confessions will be made. Leading the girls on their sure-to-be-annoying journey of self-discovery is an attractive guru described as elegant, wise and serene. But don't be fooled — that's what everyone looks like in L.A. She's obviously evil! (I'm picturing Isabella Rossellini in Death Becomes Her.)

Since Aria and Ezra reconnected in last season's finale of Pretty Little Liars, will they be a couple this season? Megan 
Aria and her English teacher will continue to explore their relationship, but look for Aria's old babysitter, Simone (Alona Tal), to come between them when Aria's mom sets Simone up with Ezra. Mother couldn't possibly know about her daughter's secret fling, could she?

Mickey's Mega Rave: Private Practice is hardly the first show to attempt a sexual-assault story line (see: 12 excellent seasons of Law & Order: SVU), but KaDee Strickland's harrowing portrayal of a strong woman aching not to be labeled a victim is visceral. When Charlotte's fiancée Cooper (Paul Adelstein) has to turn away when he sees the extent of her injuries for the first time, it's like we're not even watching TV anymore.

Adam's Mini Rant: Conan, if your new show isn't going to break any new talk show ground, can we at least have the zanier version you used to do on Late Night?

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