Congratulations, it's a, um, we're not sure what to call it.

When Grimm returns, we'll finally see Adalind (Claire Coffee) give birth to her and Nick's (David Giuntoli) love child. It's an awkward situation, but Adalind is determined to be a better mother this time around (not hard, since her first baby keeps getting kidnapped). Let's just say she'll go to surprising lengths to live a relatively normal life with her baby daddy and half-Grimm, half-Hexenbiest child.

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But what do you call such a hybrid? A Hexengrimm? A Grimmerbiest? No matter what wacky Wesen name Monroe can dream up, at least the baby will go by a much more common name, one that is full of meaning for Nick.

What are your best guesses for Baby Burkhardt's name?

Grimm returns on Friday, Oct. 30 at 9/8c on NBC.

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