Ellen Pompeo, Michael Weatherly, Ian Somerhalder Ellen Pompeo, Michael Weatherly, Ian Somerhalder

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Will Meredith ever go back to neuro on Grey's Anatomy? — Jenny
Meredith will finally make her way back to neuro in an upcoming episode, but don't expect it to be a permanent stop, according to Ellen Pompeo. After Derek practically begs her to return to his service, Meredith ends up leaving shortly therafter when a serious mistake puts Lexie in the line of fire. Like a good big sis, Meredith takes the fall.

Any good Tiva moments coming up on NCIS? — Melissa
If it's Tiva tension you're after, don't miss next week's episode, which features Tony's ex-fiancée Wendy (guest star Perrey Reeves, aka Entourage's Mrs. Ari). "There's a whole lot of lip-locking," Michael Weatherly teases. "I think Ziva understands there's a real threat." But even though Weatherly thinks something is brewing between Tony and Ziva, he doesn't believe they will ever be a couple. "Who knows? Maybe they secretly try a kiss just to see what it might be like," he says. "But putting them together? I don't think it is a good idea for our show."

Very excited that Smallville's Cassidy Freeman will be on The Vampire Diaries! Any scoop on her character? — Jones
"Expect her to be pretty badass," Freeman tells us. We'll meet her character, Sage, in the "1912" episode where she'll find herself in some, ahem, compromising positions. There have been all those "naked Damon" teases...

Thanks for the interview with Jesse Spencer about this week's awesome House. Any more scoop? — Patrick
While next week's episode is all about Chase's (begrudging) return to the hospital, executive producer Greg Yaitanes warns that you shouldn't take your eyes off Odette Annable's Dr. Adams, who takes Chase's injury very hard. "While everybody was sort of let off the hook [for the accident], that does not absolve her of what she feels," Yaitanes says. "I feel that she is the most victimized by what happened. She let her guard down and someone got hurt, and she inevitably feels responsible."

Cougar Town returns next week! Spoilers, please! ­— Amy
Let's look ahead to when Bobby meets Angie (Sarah Chalke). Jules acts as Cyrano for Bobby to create the all-time perfect date. In true Cougar Town fashion, it goes horribly awry. How bad is it? It's a cornucopia of marine life disasters. Clam chowder is spilled, a romantic walk on the beach turns into an episode of CSI: Dead Manatees, and then — indulge the metaphor — someone's got crabs...

I hear JJ has a big episode coming up on Criminal Minds? True?— Debbie
Yup. For the first time, JJ will spar with an unsub. But JJ's combat skills won't be the only new info you'll get about her. "You'll find out that she has an interesting — I guess that's the right word — relationship with one of the other team members," A.J. Cook tells us. "It's kind of eye-opening. I'm curious to see what the fans think." You heard the woman! Get to guessing in the comments!

Any hints on the Desperate Housewives death? — Shari
We can reveal that the murder weapon is a gun, and if we tell you anything else, Marc Cherry will use that gun on us. In possibly related news, someone from Wisteria Lane may miss the deceased's funeral since he or she will be in handcuffs by the end of that episode.  

You said a while back that we'd be seeing Fin's son again on SVU. Is that still happening? — Kristy
Indeed it is, and he'll be bringing a fiancé with him! "Fin's son is engaged, now that legalization [of same-sex marriages] has come to New York," executive producer Warren Leight tells us. "We see Munch meeting the fiancé and they're trying to figure out how to tell Fin. I like the idea of Munch as the rabbi." And how will Fin feel about this development? "He's been supportive verbally, but we'll see how comfortable [he] really is," Leight says.

Where's the scoop on Drop Dead Diva? — Mel
Jane's new guardian angel is the polar opposite of Fred. With an oversized sense of entitlement and a bottomless bank account, Luke's hedonistic ways are perfectly suited to Los Angeles. To put it bluntly: Yes, he works for God, but he'd also probably do just fine working for the guy downstairs.

Anything good coming up with Calleigh and Delko on CSI: Miami? — Monica
You bet! When Calleigh's plan to adopt Randy North's kids hits a snag in the final phase — the adoption agency isn't keen on turning the kids over to a single parent whose life is in danger so often — it will be Delko who comes to her rescue. Look for him to verbalize just how much he cares for Calleigh as he vows to the agency that Calleigh will not be alone in raising these children.

What's coming up on Happy Endings? — Leonard
A proposal! Since Jane and Brad are already married, you can eliminate them from the running. We'll just say this: It's going to be ah-mah-zing!

Southland has been great so far this season. Any other spoilers? — Austin
Cooper will get a taste of his former job as a training officer when he gets stuck in a car with a nervous, fresh-out-of-the-academy rookie reporting for his first day of duty. Meanwhile, I'm hearing Cooper's old trainee Ben will be spending some time on a police shrink's couch after an officer-involved shooting. Our question: Is he the triggerman or the target?

Natalie's Mega Rave: While the rest of us mourn the loss of All My Children, Susan Lucci is making light of it. Appearing on Hot in Cleveland, Lucci played a downtrodden ex-soap star who has no idea how to live in the real world (aka as herself). In fact, she can't remember if she's actually Lucci or Erica Kane. Forget AMC, sign her up for HiC!

Adam's Mini Rant: I spoke too soon: Last week's American Idol auditions were terrible. Your move, The Voice.  

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