Justin Chambers, Elisabeth Shue, Josh Charles Justin Chambers, Elisabeth Shue, Josh Charles

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What's coming up on Grey's Anatomy? — Jesse
In this week's episode, everyone but Alex will notice a spark that's developing between him and intern Morgan (Amanda Fuller). "Karev's really oblivious to the fact that everyone's rumoring around the hospital that they're doing it," Fuller tells us. "They're spending so much time together, and they bicker and banter like two kindergarten kids who have a crush on each other, so he begins to realize that everyone may be right about her being into him."

I really liked Elisabeth Shue on CSI. But please tell me the show isn't going to try to force her and Ted Danson together. — Kasey
Sorry, Kasey, but I think it's a safe bet that the duo's early scenes will traffic highly in sexual tension. "Semi-platonic relationships are the fodder of great television," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn says. However, I don't think the duo will ever go much further than flirting. After all, D.B.'s married and Finn's not so great at relationships. "She has been married a number of times and has a real thing for cops," Mendelsohn says. "So she's in the right profession."

As Will copes with his suspension on The Good Wife, who will he turn to in his time of need? — Jasmine
How about his ex? Elizabeth Reaser's Tammy conveniently returns to town because she is involved in a sports-related episode. Once she learns that things have soured between Will and Alicia, what's to stop her from pouncing? Nothing except that Will may already be getting all the support he needs from another lady. "At strange times like this, Kalinda, as cold as she can be, has a certain warmth and affection toward Will that starts popping up again," executive producer Robert King teases.

Got any scoop on the Parks and Recreation election? — Dan
When Leslie puts her foot in her mouth and calls Bobby Newport's dad Nick a jerk — just moments after he dies — the election will take a turn for the ugly. Look for Donna to save the day by sacrificing the thing she loves the most. Prepare to grab some tissues!

Any update on whether Castle will be touching on the 3XK killer again? — Chase
The show is definitely keen on revisiting that story line, but it's all about timing. "We're having talks about whether we're bringing him back by the end of this season," executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe says. "But we're still waiting to hear on Season 5. If we get the Season 5 pickup, it's something that we might wait and make more of a meal of next year."

Thanks for the scoop on The Walking Dead. What's coming up for Shane? —Eric
The tension among Shane, Rick and Lori won't let up, executive producer Glen Mazzara tells us. "Shane has designs on taking leadership of the group," he says. "The Rick-Shane tension will play out and everybody will be put in the middle, including Andrea. That ripples out from just a Rick-Shane-Lori story."

Is there hope for Pete and Violet on Private Practice? — Maxine
If you think couples therapy is viable, then yes! "They both feel the relationship needs resolution, so Violet suggests that they go into therapy. Pete is reticent about the idea because he feels overanalyzed by Violet anyway," Tim Daly tells us. "He's not yet decided whether or not he can do it, but he hasn't said no."

I can't wait to see Bones' Hodgins on The Finder. Will there be any talk about Walter and Brennan? — Marie
Not really. "Brennan is pregnant, so we'll just leave that as is," Geoff Stults says with a laugh. Although Hodgins will mention his pals back at the Jeffersonian, Stults says the real fun will be seeing Hodgins, who comes to Walter in search of aliens, in full-on UFO geek mode. "There are two different types of paranoia: Hodgins believes in the extraterrestrial; Walter believes in the conspiracy. And they both think the other one's crazy," Stults says.

I love the Lucy flashbacks on Alcatraz, but it would be nice to actually see her in the present day. Will that happen soon? — Aaron
"I think you might be very happy by the end of the season," Jennifer Johnson promises. Until then, let Parminder Nagra catch an on-set nap or two.

So excited for Matthew Gray Gubler to direct another episode of Criminal Minds. How twisted is it? — Kenneth
Very. The episode features a brother and sister who suffer from delusions passed on to them by their mother. For big brother James (Kyle Gallner), the mother haunts his dreams, telling her son to murder women she calls "the devil's wives." So he does, while lil' sis Lara (Madeline Martin), who carries a physical reminder of mommie dearest's wrath, tags along.

What's coming up on Happy Endings? — Lois
: Jane is switching teams. Get your mind out of the gutter. She's ditching her friends to play for a more successful kickball team. Who can blame her though? Dave is really pretty awful out there.

Got any good teases about Nikita? — Haley
Nikita may soon confront her deadliest foe yet. The show is currently casting for a depraved psychopath who Nikita captured five years ago when he attempted to sell nuclear weapons to a terrorist group. But he'll soon be back on the hunt when Percy offers him a get-out-of-jail free card in exchange for the nukes.

Adam's Mega Rave: Sunday's gripping episode of The Walking Dead gives me hope that the slower pace of the first half of the season is over. From the terrifying opening zombie attack to the intense shootout/escape at the bar to Lori's Lady Macbeth plea for Rick to do something about Shane, the characters and story have a renewed momentum.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Dear Once Upon a Time: As much as I want Snow White and Prince Charming to reunite, I'm officially sick of all the making up and breaking up. Love, Nat.

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(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng and Kate Stanhope)