Patrick Dempsey, Ted Danson, Joshua Jackson Patrick Dempsey, Ted Danson, Joshua Jackson

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Got any scoop on Meredith and Derek on Grey's Anatomy? — Amanda
Losing Zola will have serious ramifications on their marriage. "The partnership they've created after all these years is in jeopardy," executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells us. "When you lose a child, that could be possibly more devastating than almost anything else. The two of them are deeply in love with Zola and want that to work. They're also going to be trying to salvage and sustain their marriage."

I really liked Ted Danson on CSI. When will learn more about his character's background? — Randy
Every episode is a discovery! In the next episode, we'll learn that he was once a member of a family band! Plus: We've already seen him get into the mindset of the victims by playing dead, but he also has an interesting way to put himself in a suspect's shoes, which will get complicated when three people confess to the same quadruple homicide.

Is there no hope for Peter and Olivia on Fringe? — Anne
Peter will continue to attempt to break through into Olivia and Walter's universe. Sadly, since Walter doesn't remember Peter, he'll desperately try to prevent this from happening, Plus: There's a special surprise return this week that will further the idea that, over here or over there, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Are JJ and Will still together on Criminal Minds? — Lisa
You all want to know what she meant by "It's a long story," right? The good news: She and her baby-daddy are still together. The better news: We will see Will — and Henry! — in this season's seventh episode. "We see a little more into what JJ has been up to since she was gone, how that's affected her personal life, especially now that she's back [in the BAU] in the field with crazy hours," A.J. Cook tells us. "And [Henry's] getting older, so it's harder."

What's coming up for the Originals on Vampire Diaries? — Thomas
Very soon we'll meet Esther, the mother of the Original family, via 1,000-plus-year-old flashbacks. She's as strong and as fierce as Klaus, but she's more into protecting her family than packing them away in coffins.

Lynette and Tom will definitely be back together before Desperate Housewives' series finale, right? — Jessica
Well, Felicity Huffman isn't optimistic. "I would like to see them get back together," Huffman confesses. "But as we've been shooting... I'm starting to feel like, maybe they're not going to get back together again. I'm really sad." Get in line behind Jessica, Felicity.

I really like Revenge, but will that be all Emily Thorne does? Just getting revenge? —Jennifer
Not always, says executive producer Mike Kelley. "All the questions that are posed in the pilot will be answered by the 13th episode, which is actually that engagement party," he says. "The concept for the show is to do this in installments, so the first installment takes 13 episodes and then the back half of the season will be the trial of the murderer." Translation: Expect a lot more revenge before the healing can begin.

I've heard Jeff and Annie will get closer on this season of Community. True? — Hannah
If the premiere's opening number is to be believed, then yes. Executive producer Dan Harmon says the first part of Season 3 will revisit the romantic tension between the two characters, but mostly as a setup for an even bigger choice Jeff will have to make. "It's all about getting all the gears lined up so that we can kind of rotate the whole show. There's going to be a whole Britta emergence. She's going to become a force to be contended with in Jeff's life."

Please tell me everything that's happened over the last two seasons of Supernatural is not just in Sam's head, as Lucifer indicated in the premiere. — Marsha
Relax! "We're not like Lost," executive producer Bob Singer promises. "Or the end of the Sopranos," Sera Gamble quickly adds. It's safe to assume that the walls are actually coming down, driving Sam to go crazy, rather than the alternative, which would, well, piss everyone off. "Our intention is not to raise that to mess with people's heads," Gamble says. "It becomes pretty clear what [Lucifer's comment is] about in Episode 2, which is primarily concerned with answering questions about what's going on with Cas and getting really deep into what's going on with Sam." Whew, putting my pitchfork and cauldron of boiling oil away now.

I really loved Person of Interest, but when are we going to get Finch's backstory? — Seth
Soon! Episode 2 delves into Finch's past, as well as the origins of his mysterious machine. And the reveals will most likely change much of what you thought you knew about the character. "I thought originally that this is a reclusive character," Michael Emerson says. "But he is a far bolder and more active character." That's probably because Reese will keep Finch on his toes. "Reese has challenged Finch's wall of impenetrability so that Finch now has to be a little more guarded," Emerson says. "He has to scramble a little harder to stay a step ahead of Reese."

So was that a season or series finale of Weeds? — Jason
NATALIE: Though Showtime has yet to renew the series, we hear that this isn't the last we've seen of the Botwin clan. So what does that mean for Nancy? Did Guillermo finally exact revenge after all these years of abuse? Possibly! We ran into Guillermo Diaz on the Scandal set, and he revealed that Guillermo actually appeared in the penultimate episode. He also mentioned that the cast, including him, are expecting to be back for another season. (Time to re-watch that episode again, stat!)

Breaking Bad is getting so intense! What could possibly come next? — Chris
Remember that small dose of poison Jesse's been carrying around? It will finally be used, but not on its original target. And before the episode is over, Walt will once again find himself with a gun pressed against his head.

Adam's Mega Rave: I don't want to see any less of Oliver Platt on The Big C next season, but I can't help but applaud the producers' brave choice to (maybe?) kill his character in the finale. It's a gut-punching reminder that crappy stuff still happens to you, even if you already have cancer.

Natalie's Mini Rant: I had high hopes for 2 Broke Girls, but this week's episode was horsesh--, both literally and figuratively.

(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng and Kate Stanhope)

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