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Is there a chance that Lexie and Mark will reunite on Grey's Anatomy? —Jessica
Mark still clearly cares about Lexie, which won't go unnoticed by Jackson's mother (Debbie Allen), who makes an appearance in this week Grey's. "Jackson is dealing with that in a mature way, being aware of it, but not being obsessed with it," Jesse Williams says. "Jackson is learning that he can't control everything." Still, "Mark is doing a fairly admirable job about staying in his place. He really cares a lot about Jackson as a student and a surgeon."

What's up for Catherine in her last season on CSI? — Meg
The show is cooking up lots of stories for her final season, most significantly a potential relationship. First, we'll meet an old friend Catherine hasn't seen in 22 years, but don't let that distract you from the real sparks. A sexy FBI agent is waiting in the wings. Their initial meeting is not cute: His team "assists" on one of the CSI team's cases, much to Catherine's chagrin. But once the pair survives a brush with death, they decide to celebrate ... with a roll in the hay.

Got any Big Bang Theory scoop? — Emma
One of the nerds (as always, I say that lovingly) is getting some action! Actually, it's a little action on the side because the nerd in question already has a significant other and will be locking lips with a new girl. You can rule out Raj because for one, he's single, and two, the nerd in question isn't drunk when the multiple kisses — yes, we said multiple — take place.

I need more information on the NCIS: Los Angeles-Hawaii Five-0 crossover. — Peter
While the crossover will span two episodes, if you're hoping to see McGarrett & Co. stateside, keep dreaming. NCIS:LA executive producer Shane Brennan hints that Kensi's trip to Hawaii is not just for business. "She's in Hawaii for two reasons," Brennan teases. "You get to see one of them on Hawaii Five-0. And the other one, you'll have to wait for later in our season. She's keeping very quiet about it." Secret Hawaiian rendezvous? Sounds like a job for Danno, no? (But what will guest star Autumn Reeser have to say about that?)

Is Gemma really dead on Ringer? — Marcus
It sure looks that way, huh? But... no, she isn't. In possibly related news, Bridget's new stand-in sponsor while Malcolm is being drugged to high heaven? He may not be such a good guy. "Appearances are deceiving," executive producer Eric Charmelo says. "Everybody... has this duplicitous nature. Anyone and everyone is suspect and that's intentional."

With all this talk of a Castle wedding for Ryan, when are we going to see Esposito and Lanie get more serious? — Nicole
Maybe never. "Esposito and Lanie's relationship is not going to be a smooth relationship," Jon Huertas says. "Esposito or Lanie might think that they want to [settle down], but the other one might not be ready to go there. That's going to create a little bit of a storm in their relationship."

I don't like the timeline change on Fringe. — Holden
Yeah, it's a little confusing, right? But unfortunately for you (and me), things have changed on an even bigger scale than it now appears. "It's not like Peter came into their lives and then everything after that is different from what we've seen," Jasika Nicole says. "There are things that are different from even before then that you will discover in a future episode." Recalling "Jacksonville," Nicole says, "That's something that happened before Peter was around, but think about if Peter was never there, even that flashback episode we did last season, that never would've happened. The changes are in an even bigger arc than it seems initially."

New Girl isn't on until November? Give me something to make the wait go by faster. — Wes
Later this season, Nick has a medical emergency. But because he doesn't have insurance, he turns to Jess, whose friend is a gynecologist. We're not going to tell you what his ailment is, but at least we'll finally find out if Nick has a bun in the oven. (Oh wait, that's Gossip Girl, not New Girl.)

What's coming up on The Secret Circle? — Harriet
Fans of the books may be excited — or angry, for Adam and Cassie 'shippers — because the first inkling of something deeper between Cassie and Nick may soon be coming. "It's very, very possible," Britt Robertson says very, very coyly. "Cassie and the Armstrong family will have some sort of relationship blossom." So that'll make it a love pentagon? That's more than The Vampire Diaries!

I am going to miss Gus on Breaking Bad, but I am so glad Giancarlo Esposito is going to be on Once Upon a Time. What can you tell me about that role? — Brad
He plays the Evil Queen's Magic Mirror. But like every character on the show, he has a different role in the non-fairy tale world, where he works as a newspaper editor named Sidney. Unlike his mystical counterpart, Sidney doesn't speak the truth, but rather prints whatever the Evil Queen/Mayor wants him to.

I'm not sure how I feel about Dexter's religious dogma this season. Is there anything cool coming up? — Jack
If you thought the seven snakes were gross, just wait until this week's episode. "If you know your Bible, a lot of stuff is very visceral," executive producer Sara Colleton teases. "Some of [what's coming] is imagery from the Bible, and some are man-made horrors, but it's Dexter's exploration of spirituality." Maybe we have a sick mind, but we ponder if Abraham sacrificing his son will come into play. Fair question, no? "You have a really vivid imagination," Colleton laughs, "and that's all I will say on that."

I'm loving Homeland, but that scene where Brody prays in the garage pretty much confirms that he has been turned, right? — Alex
Nope — at least not definitively. That reveal won't come until midseason, says executive producer Alex Gansa. Until then, "everything he does, everything he says through the first sweep of episodes can be open to interpretation. When Brody prays, does that mean he's a terrorist? Or does that mean he just embraced Islam because there was nothing else to cling on to in his captivity? That is kind of the fun of the show."

Natalie's Mega Rave: Thank you to Desperate Housewives for finally giving Vanessa Williams something to do other than be Wilhelmina Slater 2.0. While the other ladies are off concealing a capital crime, Renee has shown us a whole new side of the piranha-like maneater in endearing scenes with Lee and his adopted daughter. We're actually rooting for the formerly self-involved Mrs. Yankee.

Adam's Mini Rant: Breaking Bad is so good, it has ruined all other TV shows for me.

(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)

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