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Senior editors Matt Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor field your burning questions!

Can you give me some info on Grey's? Maybe a little hope for my favorite couple, Alex and Izzie? - Danielle
The ink is barely dry on the production draft of the season opener, and while I have no tasty bone to throw Alex-Izzie fans, I can share this: This year's Grey's premiere is two hours of goodness, written by (of course) series creator Shonda Rhimes herself.

I am stumped as to why there has been nothing said about the CSI: Miami finale. Is Horatio dead? Scoop please! - Aimee
H is dead - "in a TV kind of way," a CBS insider tells me with a wink.

Now that Smallville's Lex is gone, please tell me Chloe will get her job back at the "Daily Planet." She was fired so unfairly. - twistedlyn
I want Allison Mack's plucky newshound back at work as much as you. Alas, Chloe will have some serious 'splaining to do before the government loosens the cuffs and lets her return to the keyboard. (For related news, see "Justice League Returns!")

I'm really enjoying In Plain Sight. Got any scoop? - Rebecca
Sure do! But first, I love what Mary McCormack is doing with this role. Her Columbo impression made me pee, it was so funny and then it made me want to marry her. What's next? Of course, the "Will they or won't they?" tension between Mary and Marshall will continue. (Note to producers: No.) Also, we'll find out why naughty Brandi is storing roughly $8 million worth of Bolivian marching powder in her unmentionables drawer (and it might involve a visit from her boyfriend back in Jersey). On the guest-star front, look for wacky Jane Adams (she played Niles' girlfriend on Frasier and romped nekkid in The Anniversary Party) and Wendell Pierce ( The Wire) to cross paths with Mary.

If Michaela McManus (aka One Tree Hill's Lindsay) is going to SVU, can you spoil who Lucas picked? - Phin
Would that I could, but OTH creator Mark Schwan is taking Herculean measures to keep a lid on that until the new season arrives Sept. 1. (Check out this week's Mega Minute for more.) So I got sneaky and asked Michaela herself who Lucas should choose. "He should follow whatever his heart is telling him to do," she offered. "But what that is, I'm not so sure." Drat - Schwan got to her!

My TiVo recorded Burn Notice as a suggested show, and I've been watching it since. Since you refer to the Season 2 premiere as "most excellent," I know there are some tidbits you can share with us. - Andrea
As my recent Facebook update confirmed, I, too, have only recently taken Notice. That said, I'm not sure what, exactly, longer-time viewers want to know. Michael's "thing" with Fi takes a decided turn in the opener, and his first Season 2 gig taught me how to evade a motion detector using a wool blanket. (But all the Sharon Gless/mom-son stuff? Zzzzz.)

Can you give me any scoop for Season 3 of Dexter? Leigh Ann
How's this for a tease: Something will happen to Dexter that will change his life, forever! Check the Previews blog for more on that, plus how new cast member Jimmy Smits fits into the mix.

If the non-AFTRA actors go on strike, will it have any effect on Dexter? Or are all 12 episodes already in the can? - kellygrrrl
Any potential SAG strike is a ways from happening, given the process required to actually vote on a work stoppage. (And who's to say they can get the vote?) Still, Showtime execs are as anxious as you are, since Dexter started production only a few weeks ago and ostensibly would a mere have half of the season in the can by, say, end of July. Such a scenario means there will be blood... just not as much.

I'm hearing that Damages' second season will include more "self-contained" episodes, to make the show more accessible. I worry that it will lose what made it unique, and become just another procedural. Can you ease my fears? - Jake
Like a soothing, allegorical bedtime story and a mug of warm milk, I will ease your fears, Jake. Although Season 2 will bring more episodic elements to the show, I'm hearing that it will still boast a season-long story arc à la Season 1.

Is Smallville planning to bring back John Glover, and for at least more than one episode? - Farhan
Are you one of those Australian viewers watching on a time delay? Lionel last was seen going kersplat! after son Lex pushed him out of a 40-story window. But because it's what we do here, I checked into his status. My CW pal shrugs, "He is pretty darn dead." Then again, this is Smallville....

Will we be seeing Jonathan Jackson again as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Kyle Reese? - Keira
It's definitely a possibility, I am told.

Why is Supernatural not available on Blu-ray disc? - Jes
For such matters, I turn to Gord of TVShowsOnDVD.com. He says, "The studios are being very selective with the titles they release on Blu-ray, testing to see what sells and what doesn't. Hopefully Warner Bros. has success with their fall Blu-ray releases and will expand to include shows like Supernatural."

Please tell me Law & Order: CI is not killing off Det. Mike Logan! I already hate that Chris Noth is leaving, but if they kill him off, I'll feel like I am the one that's dying. - Kristi
That is fandom! As I said in the original story on the Noth-Goldblum swap, the news is too fresh for anyone at CI to know yet how they'll write off Mike. New detectives rotate in and out of squads all the time. Then again, New York City is one dannnngerous place for a cop.

Any news on the second season of Reaper? - Grace
Just like I did that one Spring Break in Hell, er, Daytona Beach, sweet doofus Ben is going to take on a demon lovah. Wicked! ( Reaper, I should remind you, isn't back 'til midseason. Not-so-wicked.)

Mickey's Mega Rave: It's easy to squawk about your must-see shows being left off the Emmy ballot. Before such recrimination begins, though, let's take a moment to appreciate our favorites that made the "JV team" - aka the list of semifinalists. It includes those are truly deserving of recognition, but 1) nobody has seen their show (Sarah Silverman, In Treatment's Dianne Wiest, The Wire), 2) they are overshadowed by more-famous and/or notorious costars ( Housewives' Eva, Lost's Naveen Andrews, Medium's Jake Weber), 3) their subject matter is deemed too "edgy" for mainstream Emmy voters ( Dexter), or 4), you've been so damn good for so damn long that nominating you has just gotten boring ( Law & Order's S. Epatha Merkerson). So here's to the semis - it's an honor just to be almost nominated!

Matt's Mini Rant: Love those four categories, Mickey. But all that said... how the heck can they leave Terry O'Quinn ( Lost) and Connie Britton ( Friday Night Lights) off these short-but-not-shortest lists?! Color me more than semidisappointed.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Another strike would be devastating for me, the viewer, all of the non A-list actors, all the technical people and the industry itself, which is still reeling from the writer's strike. Any type of work stoppage would be a disaster for everyone. Did I mention ME?" ( BOZMAN54)

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