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Got any Grey's Anatomy scoop on Derek? — Jacob
Now that he's unable to operate, Derek will turn to teaching the interns. "Derek has to try and find his peace with that," Kevin McKidd tells us. "He doesn't get to cut anymore, but he gets to be this amazing teacher. Owen helps him learn how to be a teacher again." Speaking of our favorite Seattle Grace docs, you saw this, right?

That Gossip Girl trailer is racy! Are B and Chuck really going to be hot and heavy like that all season? — Carrie
Not exactly. After one torrid night in Monte Carlo, the two will agree to put their reunion on hold until they get their businesses in order. That means plenty of other temptations will catch their respective eyes — namely a gorgeous former business associate of Chuck's dad and the head of public relations for Blair's fashion company. Can the seemingly destined lovebirds hold out for their happy ending?

Do you know who's on the boat on Revenge? — Ashian
Mike Kelley unequivocally confirms that the arm on the boat belongs to a male, not a female. "It's a man and it's someone you know," he says with an evil laugh — seriously — before noting that we'll learn whose arm it is in Episode 14. Kelley also addressed his statements from February that the Season 2 flash-forward would involve a wedding: "No one's saying there's not a wedding that night. I just didn't show that part. There is at least one wedding and probably two by the time we get to the boat wreck." So who do you think is on the boat?

When will we see Blake and Reid lecture in her linguistic classes on Criminal Minds? —
Not for a while. Jeanne Tripplehorn says she hasn't shot any classroom scenes as of Episode 7, but you can look for Blake and Reid to get closer. (No, not like that!) "It's a great friendship they have because they're both brainiacs and you'll see they have secrets between each other," she says. "These are just things between them that the rest of the group probably isn't aware of and it's really sweet." Hmm, could it be that Reid is confiding in her about his new galpal?

You promised Once Upon a Time scoop on the fate of Pinocchio and how Prince Charming and Snow White would take back their kingdom! — Joseph
And I will keep my word! This season's third episode will feature a fairy-tale land flashback to Snow and Charming's post-reunion plan — and there will be familiar faces helping them along the way. "We've seen their war council," executive producer Adam Horowitz says. "Snow's got a really great relationship with Red, and I think that is a story we want to tell." Horowitz also promises that August's fate — whether he's dead now because he went all wooden — will be explained in this Sunday's episode, but fear not because Eion Bailey has already returned to filming this season!

I'm going through Winchester withdrawal! What can you tease about my favorite demon-hunting siblings when Supernatural returns?— Tamara
Dean will return from Purgatory (looking more tan than usual) to reunite with Sam (looking shaggier than usual), and both will be dealing with their own relationship issues. Despite their time apart, they'll be forced to jump right back into action, as Season 8 kicks off with the deaths of six demons and two humans. Yes, one of the human casualties we know, and his or her death sets off this year's season-long quest.

Any chance the two universes will be bridged again on Fringe? — Kaitlyn
Survey says: Not likely — "We've been there," executive producer J.H. Wyman says. But here are two people we might see again: September — "It's 30 years in the future; we don't even know if he's alive," Wyman says — and the little child who looked like an Observer from Season 1 — "You're going to be able to see people and cases and things like that from the past. There'll be reasons for seeing certain cases, and whether or not that falls into one I couldn't say."

Homeland's premiere was so good! Give me more scoop! — Nate
You've probably already heard about a game-changing twist at the end of Sunday's episode. While I won't spoil it, I will tell you this: It involves Brody and it puts him in a very precarious position. But he probably won't have time to care, considering he (literally) digs an even bigger hole for himself in Episode 3!

I could not have guessed who Quinn Perkins was if I tried! What's coming up on Scandal now? — Mel
Sure, Quinn is a free woman, but not everyone is happy with that. Namely, David, who will not let his failure go. "He came off the case looking like such an imbecile because he absolutely should've won it and he didn't," Katie Lowes tells us. "Now he [spends] all these [next] episodes going absolutely insane and he is going to get to the bottom of this."

I really enjoyed Last Resort. Any hints about what's to come? — Wesley
Look for a major bomb (heh) about Chaplin's family to be dropped in Thursday's episode. It will provide context for (and raise questions about) Chaplin's motivations to take on his own country. Speaking of family bombshells, the father of a character we've already met seems to be in on the conspiracy to sink to the USS Colorado.

Any good Private Practice news? — Sarah  
Well, the good news is that Addison finally knows about Mark's death. That's all I got for you. Now the bad news: Mark's death will really affect her relationship with Jake. "She definitely grieves it," Kate Walsh says. "It's a little bumpy. It's interesting to see how she's processing it in conjunction with being in a relationship with Jake, in how much she reveals, how much she doesn't and her mixed feelings about that."

I haven't heard much about The Mentalist's Van Pelt. What's ahead for her this season? — Whitney
Van Pelt's story this season was made a bit tricky because of Amanda Righetti's real-life pregnancy, which isn't being written into the show. "We'd been planning more emotional stuff for her if we didn't have to accommodate the pregnancy," creator Bruno Heller says. By "emotional stuff," he means Van Pelt's on-and-off relationship with Risgby. But on second thought, Heller says waiting a bit longer for the duo is best. "Like life, these things don't happen in days," he says. "It happens in months and years. I think the beauty of those two is they are right for each other, but they don't know it yet."

Natalie's Mega Rave: "We were cursed" is totally the new "We were on a break," right? Regardless, Once Upon a Time returns in top form, surprising us with the reveal of parallel storytelling as Snow White and Emma find themselves in present-day fairy-tale land. Here's hoping there's an express way out because we need more Friends-esque hilarity!

Adam's Mini Rant: Just when I'd gotten over Opie's death on Sons of Anarchy, the show had to make a stirring musical montage out of his funeral. #Ionlycryonce

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