Patrick Dempsey, Laurence Fishburne, Jon Hamm Patrick Dempsey, Laurence Fishburne, Jon Hamm

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Could you give me any scoop you have on Grey's Anatomy, ideally something about Mark and Lexie? I need my fix! — Frances
MATT: Does McSteamy "do" parents? That's the big question in the April 30 episode, when a now-sober Thatcher Grey invites his daughter and her new beau out to dinner. Now, just supposing that Mark is down for some dining, can the reformed cad put on a good show? And this just in: A source tells me that on Mer and Der's wedding day, airing May 7, the groom gifts his bride with (incurable romantic alert!) her first solo surgery. How that fits into a little blue Tiffany box, I do not know.

The past two seasons of CSI have ended with a cliff-hanger. Season 7 ended with Sara left in the Vegas desert by the Miniature Killer, and Season 8 ended with Warrick being accused of murder (and eventually murdered himself). Will Season 9 follow that same pattern? — Jocelyn
TIM: Wow, nice rundown! Wallace Langham tells us the self-contained season-ender features Laurence Fishburne's Langston in the line of fire: "You see him put into some situations that are new for him, as far as being out in the field and having to deal with perpetrators." Langham's Hodges, meanwhile, gets to stay in the lab, where he's happiest. (Coming Thursday: Read our full Q&A with Langham about this week's sci-fi-themed episode.)

Is there a premiere date for Season 3 of Mad Men yet? — Misti
MICKEY: Tell you what, I can officially narrow down the "summer" return date to early August. As with last season, don't expect tidy resolutions to the finale's cliff-hangers — e.g., Peggy's revelation to Pete, Betty's pregnancy, Joan's rape — since the show will most surely jump ahead in time again. Can you think of any 1960s historical events that might serve as a juicy metaphorical backdrop (as the Cuban Missile Crisis did in Season 2)? I can.

I love Lost! But I am still wondering why Miles was blackmailing Ben for $3.2 million, and why/how Ben had that much money on the island? — Sara
MATT: You will get the answer to at least the first half of your question in this week's Miles-centric episode, "Some Like It Hoth" — when a dollar amount other than $3.2 mil is brought up. I'm hearing that in the subsequent episode, airing April 29, the long-MIA Daniel Faraday will demonstrate just how well he knows the Island. (Hint: They are much more than Facebook friends.)

What ever happened to Dexter?  Is there going to be a fourth season? — Rachel
TIM: Of course, he's a serial killer. Season 4 goes into production in late May/early June and will probably premiere toward the end of September. If you couldn't guess from last season's wedding finale, the next cycle focuses on Dexter as a family man: How does he balance his role as a husband and father of three with his grisly nocturnal endeavors? Most parents can't find time to catch a movie, much less mete out bloody vengeance.

Who do we have to bribe, beg or threaten over at Fringe to get Joshua Jackson more screen time?  I am getting very frustrated at how little he is used in each episode. What gives? — Cheri
MICKEY: First of all, you have to bribe me. I like Hendrick's gin, dark chocolate, bibimbap and shiny things. Once I receive your hypothetical generous "donations," I will probably be able to tell you about a big Peter Bishop reveal in the season finale (my mole breathlessly called it "major major major" — and it is). Before then, though, we're going to get a bit more information about Olivia's twisted childhood brush with scientific testing, the unmasking of Dr. William Bell and the mysterious, robot-armed Nina Sharp. And as with most things on Fringe, these are all related developments.

I know that Fox starts airing the final six episodes of Prison Break this Friday. But why aren't Episodes 23 and 24, which presumably wrap everything up, on the schedule?  I'm baffled. — Al
MATT: You're not baffled, just understandably confused. Episodes 21 and 22, airing May 15, will offer "a completely satisfying ending" to the Break — including a where-are-they-now, flash-forward coda, series creator Matt Olmstead tells the Buzz. That which you call "Episodes 23 and 24" is actually a two-hour standalone movie produced on the studio's own dime, but neither ordered nor scheduled by Fox. Explaining the origin of Prison Break: The Final Break — which tells the story of another imprisonment/breakout — Olmstead says, "This is a cool story we want to tell ... so we went ahead with it, not knowing for sure where it would air." At the very least, you can pre-order it on DVD.

Any word on when the new season of Sons of Anarchy will start? I've heard as late as October and as early as May! — Sherri
TIM: We'd bank on closer to October: The first episode of the new season's 13 episodes wraps in mid-May. And while no exact return date is set in stone, look for Henry Rollins to join the cast as a member of a rival gang (who, we hope, vents his hostility through extremely hardcore spoken-word).

When does In Plain Sight come back? Please tell me that Jinx and Brandi will be gone. — Mario
MICKEY: I'm sorry; I cannot tell you that, Mario. But it's a good thing that the ruesome twosome is sticking around because Mary is going to need them. She might be tough as nails, but her recent trauma will have repercussions — of the PTSD variety. But how is her erratic behavior related to those mysterious letters that she's been getting from her dad? Check out the season premiere on Sunday night (10 pm/ET, USA) to find out.

Mega Buzz got me hooked on Harper's Island! Now give me scoop on my new guilty pleasure. — Maria
MATT: Before you pin Uncle Marty's gory gutting on the father of the bride (Richard Burgi), consider this: A moment left on the cutting room floor positioned comely Chloe's British beau, Cal, as just as big a suspect. In the snipped scene, Harry Hamlin told me, "Marty happens by as Chloe is naked and wet, coming out of the water. I hand her my handkerchief and say, 'I wish this was a little bigger, but... ..' And then her boyfriend shows up." During the gents' never-to-be-seen scrape, Marty's gun falls out, prompting him to claim he's FBI. But was he?

Any Gossip Girl scoop? Nate and Serena aren't hooking up for season finale, right? — Daniel
MICKEY: No! That would never happen! I mean, Nate and Serena would totally be the least likely couple in all of Gossip-dom, especially considering their sleazy history. It would be totally unexpected, right? Plus, when I mentioned that the producers should fix Gossip Girl by dirtying up fuzzy bunnies Serena and Nate, it's not like the powers that be were listening. Right? Right?

I remember the Supernatural producers saying last summer that we'd be seeing Steven Williams' Rufus this season — yet so far, nothing. Is that still happening? — Alexandra
MATT: In a word, sorta. The boys will hear from Rufus in Episode 21, which is titled "When the Levee Breaks" and airs May 7.

Mickey's Mega Rave: My love for Tina Fey is deeper than my bedroom voice, but lately it's hard to overlook her gifted cohorts over at 30 Rock, in particular the unlikely comedy duo of Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski. You can point to the show's always pitch-perfect writing, but without the actors' very different comic chops, a storyline about avicide doesn't exactly spell comedy gold. "Birds are like little dinosaurs!" Indeed.

Matt's Mini Rant: Yes, I love CBS' How I Hid Your Pregnancy. But no, I cannot swallow the plot twist that has Ted struggling to launch his own architecture firm vs. pound the pavement. Really — in this economy? I predict he'll land his first client sometime around ... wait for it ... .

Tim's Micro Riff: Rejoice, Trekkies: a CSI episode, a new movie, and this.

Reader Quote of the Week: "[Mel Gibson has a] 'gold-digging wife'?  I'm trying to picture this. Yes, I've figured out her master plan: 'I'll marry this unknown guy, have a bunch of kids, and just shy of 30 years of marriage I'll dump him and get his money!' Give me a break." (ems823, addressing a fellow reader's comment on Mel Gibson's divorce)

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