[WARNING: This story contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of Gotham. Read at your own risk.]

There's a new king in Gotham City! On Monday's Gotham finale, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) was the last man standing in the gang war he created after a returning Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) shot and killed Don Maroni (David Zayas). Don Falcone (John Doman) decided to give up and head for warmer climates, and Penguin pushed Fish to her (presumed) death in a watery grave.

So, now that Penguin's dreams of running the criminal element in Gotham have come true, it'll be smooth sailing, right? Um, no. "He's still a little naïve in terms of what this actually means," Taylor tells TVGuide.com. "Is he going to be able to sustain this? I don't think he really knows all that it takes to be the king of Gotham. His whole M.O. has been to create chaos, but now he has to completely switch gears and basically keep chaos at bay."

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And, unfortunately, it seems Penguin won't be able to rely on his old friend Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), who chose to leave Penguin to die earlier in the episode, for help. "Jim is done with Oswald, but Oswald is not done with Jim," Taylor says with a laugh. "Penguin will be demanding more respect from Jim and if Jim doesn't deliver it, their friendship is essentially over. Even though Jim repaid his favor, their relationship is fundamentally undermined because Jim essentially betrayed him. All of the trust that he had in Jim is completely in question. He will obviously try to keep Jim close, but if Jim doesn't play along or play nice, it's on."

Although Penguin bumping off Fish seemed like a self-fulfilling prophecy — after all, penguins do eat fish — Taylor doesn't necessarily think that Pinkett Smith's choice not to return in Season 2 means we've seen the last of Fish. "I was happy to see in the finale that it was still ambiguous," he says. "Maybe I am totally naïve, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. I can totally see her coming back in some fashion. Fish can swim!"

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