Archie Panjabi, Denis O'Hare, Vincent Kartheiser Archie Panjabi, Denis O'Hare, Vincent Kartheiser

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How soon will we meet Kalinda's husband next season on The Good Wife? — Beth
We're hearing that he will be in the season premiere and at least five additional episodes next season. But he won't be the only new face. Look for a calculating, self-righteous bankruptcy trustee who's brought in to fix the firm's financial woes. We hear he butts heads with just about everyone. Perhaps that's because he's cutting costs...and — gulp! — slashing jobs?

I can't wait to see Russell Edgington again on True Blood. Got any scoop on his return? — Mark
The former King of Mississippi will be getting a new love interest this season, and it's someone we've already met! Here are a few clues straight from Denis O'Hare: "He's taller than I am, but he's not as good a dresser," he says. "On hair terms, we're on par, neck and neck because I wear a wig, of course, but his hair is pretty rockin'. I think I still win on the hair thing." Could Russell's new lover be the same person who dug him up from his concrete grave? "No, I have many fans, many people working for Russell," O'Hare adds coyly.

I still reeling from the fact that Lane killed himself on Mad Men. How will that impact Sunday's finale? — Steven
Well, the finale is called "The Phantom" — how great would it be to see Lane's ghost haunting the office? OK, we know that's a bit far-fetched, but the effects of Lane's suicide will impact every character, even the sometimes heartless Pete. "There's no way that he can't be affected," Vincent Kartheiser says. "But at what level does Pete feel guilt? Does he have that blue blood, 'I'm not going to feel guilty [because] everyone makes their choices,' or is he actually going to have some remorse about how he acted this season? Those are questions I had when I read the script, and the audience will discover [the answers] very soon."

I still can't believe Fi actually turned herself in on the season finale of Burn Notice! What will prison be like for her? — Rachel
Being behind bars is going to be no walk in the park. Not only will Fi have to battle a group of violent longtime inmates, but the one person who appears to be on her side, Nicole (guest star Taryn Manning), may just turn out to be her biggest enemy. Let's hope Michael figures out some way to bust her out — and fast!

So are Rossi and Strauss going to be dating next season  on Criminal Minds? — Regina
The couple's hotel tryst in the finale was executive producer Erica Messer's way of hinting at something she's always known: that Rossi and Strauss had gotten biz-ay in the past. As for a possible coupling in the present, Messer seems a little more hesitant. "Like any office romance... everything changes after that secret's out," she says. "So we [might just] play it in the background. She's not going to be Wife No. 4 or anything."

Got any scoop on the new season of Awkward? — Sarah
When our new favorite series returns, Jenna will be celebrating New Year's Eve at Matty's house. No, they're not back together. She's been spending the holiday break with Jake. But while Jake is trying to make their relationship "Facebook official," Matty will surprise her with an offer she can hardly refuse. So who will she kiss at midnight? A surprise party crasher will help her make that decision.

How will Booth really feel about Brennan running off with Christine on Bones? — Crystal
: "He's furious," executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us. "[He thinks], 'Isn't there some way she could include him? Why didn't she trust him?" However, Nathan notes that Booth's practicality will eventually win out. "He realizes the only [other] way to keep [Brennan and Christine] safe would be to do something illegal like taking out Pelant," Nathan says. "We wanted Booth to remain a good man. To put him on the run compromises his character and his job. So, when Brennan does return, [Booth] is still the honorable man that he's been for seven seasons."

Will Grayson and Jane finally get together on Drop Dead Diva? — Cindy
I can only tell you that Grayson isn't giving up on making the Deb-and-Jane connection any time soon, but he will hit a roadblock this week. While Jane is ready to confirm his suspicions, someone will stand in her way. Lest we forget, the last time she almost revealed the truth, Grayson was mowed down by a car. This week's episode won't be nearly as violent, but it may still make you cry.

Keep the Sons of Anarchy intel coming! — Ben
Will Opie ever find love again? Yes! We hear he's getting a major new love interest this year. But there's a catch: She's this guy's daughter. Even worse: She'll go toe-to-toe with mama bear Gemma. That's two strikes already, Ope!

What can you tell us about Allison Mack's role on Wilfred? — Jared
If you thought Smallville's Chloe in the Watchtower was brainy, just wait until you meet Amanda, Ryan's new co-worker who has the hots for him. She makes the first move, but sadly, Ryan is still hung up on Jenna. Don't worry, it won't be long before he's accidentally dropping the L word. The real question is whether she'll find out his big secret.

Please tell me that Mike will get Rachel's voicemail on Suits! — Alice
He's gotta check his phone sometime, right? But will it be too late? Let's just say Rachel takes Donna's conjecture about his radio silence to heart, and kind of gives Mike the cold shoulder. Talk about mixed messages!

More Falling Skies scoop, please! — Samuel
A mysterious stranger brings news that the outside world is piecing itself back together, complete with a centralized government. Sounds a bit too good to be true? That's exactly how the 2nd Mass will feel. Unfortunately, someone will meet their maker before they find out if it's actually true or not.

Adam's Mega Rave: Even if The Office has seen better days, I'm psyched that Catherine Tate will be a series regular next season. Now, if only she can make "Zen Office" a reality!

Natalie's Mini Rant: A horde of White Walkers in this season's Game of Thrones finale paled in comparison to the three tiny dragons that had us all talking after last year's season-ender.

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