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I love The Good Wife, but I don't want Alicia with Peter or Will. Is there a possibility of yet another man in her life? — Jenny
Executive producer Robert King says never say never. "The thing we have been trying to honor is what really would happen to Alicia," he says. "It is difficult to imagine her stepping into the same puddle twice."

OK, so someone dies on American Horror Story. Tell me who. — Sebastian
A better question is: Who doesn't die before the first season ends? But just because it's called Murder House doesn't mean the victim in question is killed, or even a victim for that matter. But said death will give you some serious insight on how Season 2 might play out.

Can you give me some NCIS scoop to tide me over until January? — Annie
New year, new bad guy. Look for the show to introduce a recurring villain described as a chameleonic one-man crime syndicate. He's athletic, meticulous, extremely smart and deft at quickly changing his appearance. Too bad this guy already has a job on CBS.

Any scoop on Desperate Housewives? — Jennifer
Before the ladies of Wisteria Lane bid their final adieus, one of them will end up pregnant! We're sworn to secrecy about the expectant mother's identity, particularly since there's a very good chance that she won't be keeping it.  

Will Morgansect rear his ugly (frosted) head again on Chuck? — Marcus
Sadly, yes. "It may not be the last time you see the frosted tips," executive producer Chris Fedak teases. In the meantime, though, Morgan has fences to mend. "Morgan's going to be desperate to try to get Alex back but... that's not an easy thing to do," Fedak says. "He broke up with her on a text message. He turned into a douche."

So excited to hear that Jennifer Beals is coming to Castle. What else can you tell me about the two-parter? — Eliot
ADAM: Beals plays Sophia, a CIA operative who's in town to capture a former Navy Seal who has gone rogue. (He's taken to abducting young women.) As you might expect, a bit of a turf war between the CIA and the NYPD will ensue, but that's nothing compared to the tension between Sophia and Beckett, who learn that they have a lot in common. (Think Nikki Heat.)

Will we ever learn about Machado's backstory on Ringer? — Kacy
Executive producers Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder sent us this top-secret hint from their hive mind's email account: "Agent Machado had a connection to the strip club prior to Bridget Kelly." Maybe that's why we'll soon meet Shaylene, Bridget's colleague in the exotic-dancing arts whose death she witnessed.

Bones scoop, pretty please? — Drew
Did you ever wish you could have more Extreme Couponing in your Bones? Wish granted! Booth and Brennan will cross paths with "The Deal Diva," an obviously sociopathic deal-seeker who is suspected of murdering her former best friend-turned-mortal enemy. (The script writes itself: "You stole my 347 tubs of Hellman's! Take that!")

Got any scoop on Nikita? — Hector
When Nikita runs into her old rehab sponsor, she'll finally learn the truth about the night that she killed a cop while hopped up on drugs. There were actually two cops on the scene, but someone from Division, her future employer, tidied up the witness list by, um, killing the other. [Insert ominous music here.]

I can't wait for Justified to come back. How will Raylan be affected by Winona's pregnancy? — Gina
Impending fatherhood and Raylan's dangerous line of work aren't exactly compatible. "It gives you pause [about] the decisions you're making and how you're living your life," Timothy Olyphant tells us. "It just makes everything a little deeper, more important." It sounds like this self-reflection will come in handy, given how much more treacherous this season will be. "We're going to start taking people out this year," Olyphant says. "We get right to some bullets flying. People get hurt."

What's coming up on 2 Broke Girls? — Jane
When Earl lands in the hospital on Valentine's Day, Caroline will hunt down her doctor ex-boyfriend to score him a VIP room. Meanwhile, Max will play Cupid to try to reunite them.

What's the good word on the new season of Southland?Jason
If you were expecting to see Lucy Liu in a detective-style pantsuit from the Olivia Benson Collection, guess again. Her character, Jessica Tang, is a beat cop who's riding shotgun with Michael Cudlitz's John Cooper, who is back on the job after his rehab stint and back surgery. While Jessica (the other patrol officers call her "Pooty Tang") might seem an odd choice at first to be Cooper's new partner, it'll quickly become clear that this pairing was meant to be.

Adam's Mega Rave: One of the only colors Claire Danes didn't mention during her character's manic episode on Sunday's Homeland was gold. No matter — she'll get hers come Emmy night.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Dexter and Deb kissing, even in a dream sequence, is just plain wrong.

(Additional reporting by Denise Martin and Kate Stanhope)

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