Jane Lynch Jane Lynch

If you're anything like TVGuide.com user Kelly, you've spent most of this season wondering how on Earth the new New Directions are going to compete in Sectionals with only four members. But worry not, Gleeks!

On Friday's Glee, the New Directions will recruit a few new members, one of whom has a surprising connection to Sue (Jane Lynch). Although this sounds like another case of sabotage (we know Sue's moves all too well at this point), this member has a deep emotional investment in the glee club from the start and is willing to do whatever it takes to win the "invitational."

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In fact, the newfound MVP will use personal information about Sue to show viewers a whole new side of McKinley High's principal in the process. One final hint: The singer is someone you already know.

So who do you think the new member is? Leave your best guess below!

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