Chris Colfer, Nathan Fillion, Nina Dobrev Chris Colfer, Nathan Fillion, Nina Dobrev

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So what's the deal with Kurt this season on Glee? When is he going to New York? — Amy
Not right away. Kurt will still be hanging out at McKinley High in the season premiere, but it sounds like producers won't waste any time getting him to the Big Apple and... on his way to a career in fashion? In the third episode of the season, he'll meet an eccentric editor at Vogue (not his new boss) who'll recognize his (other) potential.

Will Castle and Beckett being together change the kinds of cases Castle features? — Melanie
Not really, but it could change the location of the show a bit. "It opens us up to brand-new territory," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. "There are ways that are organic to get Castle and Beckett out of New York; they can go away for the weekend." Case in point: An upcoming episode will feature a romantic getaway in the Hamptons! Well, it's romantic until the town's fresh-faced police chief calls on Beckett and Castle to assist with his first-ever homicide investigation. Anyone else imagining an amazing Revenge crossover?

How long will it be before Elena starts embracing her vampirism on The Vampire Diaries? — Amy
NATALIE: Not long. Once the transition starts, there's no turning back. Fortunately, she's got a ton of friends who have already been through it themselves! In the season premiere, Stefan will have a heartfelt chat with Elena about her new strengths and weaknesses. He'll also present her with her first daylight ring — made especially for her by Bonnie.

What can we expect from Jimmy Palmer on NCIS now that Brian Dietzen has been made a series regular? — Marc
With Ducky sidelined by his heart attack, look for Palmer to jump scalpel-first into his job as acting coroner. "He really has to take over the reins, [and] it points out both Palmer's strengths and weaknesses," executive producer Gary Glasberg says. But what happens when Ducky comes back? "They work so brilliantly together as a team," Glasberg says. "[But] Palmer is assuming a certain role. Inherently, there are moments [of conflict]. There's a great episode down the road when Ducky has to rediscover his mojo."

What will Violet do now that Pete is gone on Private Practice? — Carrie
Amy Brenneman promises that Violet will not be jumping into a new relationship any time soon. "No, that's not where she's at," she says. "What I really like so far is that as soapy and bubbly and sexy as this show can be, these people are real people that have things happen, so a boy toy isn't going to fix it."

Any dirt on How I Met Your Mother? — Beth
You know how much Ted loves telling stories, right? He'll recount one for a sweet old lady named Bernice (guest star Judith Drake) at a train station during the season premiere. "It's an interesting story he's telling and I can't say exactly who she is, but there might be a little more to her," co-executive producer Craig Thomas tells us. Hit the comments with your guesses!

I'd love some Leslie-centric scoop on Parks and Recreation! — Jennifer
In her quest to pass her first bill, she'll need to persuade an old-as-dirt councilman to vote in her favor — but he'd rather just make out with her. Naturally, Leslie Knope won't stand for those shenanigans, so he ends up in the hospital. Oops, lost that vote. Speaking of accidents, Tom will be in big trouble after he crashes Ron's car this season.

Now that Michael knows the name of the man who killed his brother on Burn Notice, will he actually be able to find him? — Rebecca
Sort of. During Thursday's midseason finale, Michael will come face-to-face with the man he believes to be Tyler Gray. But Michael will be forced to question the legitimacy of his intel when he learns a very surprising (and life-threatening) revelation about someone close to him.

What's coming up on Happy Endings this season? — Jim
"Dave's one-sixteenth Navajo is going to come back into play," Zachary Knighton teases of the Thanksgiving episode. While emulating the generosity of "his people," he will find himself on the wrong side of a carjacking.

Now that Bree Turner is a series regular on Grimm, please tell me that the hinted-at romance between Rosalee and Monroe will finally get a kick in the butt! — Leslie
The Blutbad-Fuchsbau moment you've been waiting for will finally arrive when Monroe and Rosalee go out on a date. But while we were hoping for an enchanting, furry encounter à la Lady and the Tramp, danger in the form of another Wesen interferes. But don't worry about their safety: Rosalee will reveal an unexpected side of herself.

Love that Chloe's getting a new love interest on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. Anything you can share about him? — Sarah
As we previously reported, Chloe will meet her new beau (Ben Lawson) during the Halloween episode, but it's certainly not love at first sight. You see, every Halloween, Chloe takes trick-or-treat to a new level by irrevocably ruining a person's life with one giant trick. Her target this year is love interest Jonathan, whom she met a year prior at The Beek's Halloween party. But will she really be able to go through with it once she realizes she may have feelings for him?

Got any scoop on Weeds? — Leo
Plenty. Shane will land himself in hot water when he takes advantage of his job in order to impress Angela. Speaking of jobs, Silas will get a new opportunity that may drive a wedge between him and Nancy. Plus: Nancy and Rabbi Dave will grow closer, which forces Andy will make an impulsive, irrational and life-changing decision.

Natalie's Mega Rave:
Thank you to NBC for making this the final season of The Office — and thanks for giving the fans who may have already tuned out a heads-up so we can catch up before its proper send-off. Really looking forward to Michael Scott's (in-my-dreams) return!

Adam's Mini Rant: NBC is finally closing down The Office... two seasons too late. Take note, HIMYM.

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