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I can't believe Glee cast a love interest for Rachel! Please give us Finchel fans some hope! — Charlie
Two pieces of bad news and one good one: First, executive producer Ian Brennan tells us that fans will actually like new boy Brody Weston (Dean Geyer). Second, "When we come back, Finn is a mystery; no one has heard from him," he says, noting that once Finn does return, it'll be a great season for Finn fans. And now the good news... sort of: Brennan says Rachel won't just totally forget about Finn. "Rachel has moved cities, but hasn't quite moved on, and is caught in that period between being a teenager and being an adult," he says, "So he's at the forefront of her mind, all the while the rest of her life is totally changing."

Everyone's asking about Booth's reaction to being left behind on Bones, but what about Brennan? How does she feel out on the lam? — Brittany
Good question! "Being on the road has made her see [things] in a way she had never expected," executive producer Stephan Nathan tells us. "She had to be anonymous; she had to be ordinary. Those things have made her see the world in a very different way and will inform her relationship with Booth." In a negative way? Nathan acknowledges that the answer to this season's key question — "Is love enough?" — could be no. "They are tested," he says. "It's something that will kind of torture them throughout the season. We would like to believe that love is enough for Booth and Brennan, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy."

Now that Elena will transition, how soon before memories she was compelled to forget come back on The Vampire Diaries? — Maxine
We all love a good flashback and fortunately for Delena fans, in the premiere episode Elena will remember a very important moment from Season 2: when Damon told her he loved her. But unlike past flashbacks we've seen, Elena doesn't realize right away that she's watching a memory from the past rather than experiencing a moment in the present.

Have you heard any scoop about the new season of Modern Family?
Assuming there is a new season, I hear the show is casting a new friend for Sarah Hyland's Haley. The possibly recurring role has one particularly interesting characteristic: She must be able to be mistaken as Claire from behind. So how many awkward situations between her and Phil are you imagining?

More New Girl scoop, please! — Jamie
As we teased earlier, Jess loses her job in the premiere and will be forced to take on "jobs that are really regrettable that she wishes she didn't have," executive producer Liz Meriweather tells us. Her first odd job has to do with Schmidt's party to celebrate the removal of his penis cast! "Schmidt is relaunching himself into the world and he amazingly doesn't have enough shot girls, so Jess has to try to be a shot girl for a night. Weirdly, it does not go well," she adds. (The recently cast Leslie Mann will also be a "shot girl" at that party.)

I need some Hawaii Five-0 spoilers! — Will
Like sharks? What about pirates? Well, today's your lucky day! I hear both will figure largely in an episode about dangerous boat-jackings and a Danno-McGarrett deep-sea fishing trip that goes awry.

Thanks for all the scoop on Fringe! What's coming up in the final season? — Grant
The quest to piece Walter's brain back together isn't quite over. Teasing the final season, Jasika Nicole tells us Astrid's role will be to remain as Walter's sidekick. "It is specifically important right now because he's not all there — and I know he's never all there — but there's some stuff that goes down after we get out of amber that you'll see that he's going to need a lot of taking care of," she says. "She's going to be a really important part of keeping Walter on task."

I'm excited to see Ray Romano on Parenthood, but I don't want Sarah and Mark to break up! What kind of connection will Sarah have with this new guy? — Stephanie
There will be sparks from the beginning between Sarah and Romano's character, Hank, but not the good kind. Sarah will get herself fired from Hank's photography studio in the season premiere when he finds out that she not only lied about her complete lack of experience, but also accidentally erased a photo shoot. Oops! She gets a second chance, but the two will continue to clash, thanks to Sarah's emotional reactions to their shoots (funerals, weddings) and Hank's complete lack of emotions whatsoever. Sounds like a real catch!

I'm so excited about the return of Happy Endings! Got any scoop on Brad and Jane? — Aleah
Since Brad is now unemployed, the tables are turning. "We're going to see Jane in a work setting that suits her alpha-male personality," executive producer Jonathan Groff says. "Brad is not going to go back to work immediately. He's going to explore a Max lifestyle, and get mixed up in Brad and Dave's world." Additionally, we'll meet Jane and Alex's family this season. Groff's dream casting for their obviously blonde mother? Sharon Stone, call your agent!

Are there any big plans for the 200th episode of CSI: NY? — Ben
Sorry, Ben, but there may not be a 200th episode this season. Sources tell me that CBS has only ordered 18 episodes for the upcoming season, which will bring the show's total episode count to only 198. I hear producers are optimistically fighting for two additional Season 9 episodes, but if an agreement can't be reached, it seems the perennial bubble show will have to survive cancellation once again in order to reach the milestone.

Are Andy and Jill done on Weeds? — Alex
Let's just say there's a whole lot of sex going on during this Sunday's episode. Both Jill and Andy are involved, but that doesn't mean that they're doing it together. In fact, Jill's new sex partner will surprise the heck out of you. In thankfully unrelated news, Silas will get a very interesting proposition.

Got any scoop on American Horror Story? — Jones
Though there are no ghosts in the second season — it's set in an asylum and Jessica Lange is a nun! — executive producer Ryan Murphy promises that there will be no lack of horror. "I think the story is horrifying," he tells us. "The story is a period piece in a mental institution based largely on truth and truth is always scarier than fiction."

Natalie's Mega Rave: Sure, The Newsroom has its problems, but Olivia Munn is not one of them. Her banter with Emily Mortimer in Sunday's episode was deliciously fast-paced, with neither of the ladies missing a beat. Move over, Jeff Daniels: The ladies are dominating on your show.

Adam's Mini Rant: I love you, Big Brother, but you kicked out the only player who has done anything remotely interesting so far this season.

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