Anna Torv, Gary Sinise, Emily VanCamp Anna Torv, Gary Sinise, Emily VanCamp

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I'm in denial that it's the final season of Fringe. Give me scoop to help me cope. Please? —Chris
Peter and his daughter Henrietta reunited last season, but her run-in with her mom Olivia will surprise you. "It takes on a slightly different flavor than I think you would anticipate," Joshua Jackson tells us, noting that it will happen very quickly in the season premiere. The real question executive producer J.H. Wyman wants fans to ponder is: What happened to the Fringe team the day the Observers arrived? "How did they get in amber? How did Olivia and Peter and everyone get separated? Why were they all together? Why was Bell there? The history will surprise you when you realize there's a lot of emotions going on for reasons that you don't know yet, but you will."

Heard anything about the new season of CSI: NY? —Jonny
I hear the new season is on fire! When a string of arsons takes the life of a New York Fire Department captain, Mac and his team must track down the pyro. (Among the potential suspects: a guy who impersonates real-life firefighters and a slightly unhinged arsonist who is in New York to follow in her mentor's footsteps.) At a loss at how to proceed, Mac reluctantly teams up with a known fire-starter (played by Rob Morrow) to crack the case.

I know she was on the plane right before it exploded, but I can't even fathom Revenge without Victoria! Please tell me she's coming back! —Dakota
Fear not! Lady Grayson's prognosis sounds promising — and maybe a little sexy? The show is casting for a smart and handsome doctor in his late 30s who is the founder of a recovery center. Could he be a new love interest? The show will also introduce the possibly recurring role of Eve, Ashley's protégé, who is eager to learn about Hamptons party planning. If she's working on a "welcome home" bash for Victoria, how do we snag an invite?

What's the good word on The Mentalist? —Marie
Now that the Red John case is again red-hot, look for the CBI offices to be flooded with Feds for several episodes. Among the new faces are the FBI's regional director — described as a ferocious alpha female — and one of her top agents, a good guy whose temper sometimes gets the best of him. While they're sure to push Jane's buttons, one case will also force him to battle wits with someone who is always two steps ahead of him. The twist? She's only 15!

Even though Elena chose Stefan in The Vampire Diaries finale, does Damon stand a chance next season? —Jenna
Lest we forget, Damon compelled Elena to forget key moments, including the fact that he was the first Salvatore brother she met. Unfortunately, this revelation won't suddenly make her change her mind, executive producer Julie Plec says, noting that Damon will be on the outs with both Elena and Stefan in the premiere. "He's actually feeling alone and how he starts to fill that void will be part of his journey as we go forward this season," Plec says. "He needs a new drinking buddy."

What can you tell me about Ryan and Esposito's partnership on Castle? Will they mend fences? —Katherine
Eventually, I would say. But he may look outside the precinct for friendship as well. I hear Esposito will reconnect with one of the men from his Army unit this season, who is now working as a recruiter. Here's hoping he's not planning to re-enlist!

Can't wait for Once Upon a Time to return. What's coming up? —Alan
Next season is all about redemption — especially considering people have done some pretty messed-up things in fairy tale land they'll now remember in Storybrooke. "Archie, for example, who is Jiminy Cricket, is a conscience, but for 28 years, he's forgotten the fact that he turned Gepetto's parents into puppets," executive producer Edward Kitsis says. "Those puppets are hanging in Mr. Gold's shop, so what happens when you're confronted with your past now? There's a lot of loss, regret and redemption for these characters to find."

Got any scoop on Blue Bloods? —Samuel
: Sounds like more tough times for Danny Reagan. I hear a former bank robber who Danny put behind bars will be released from prison and, upon hearing that the love his life and their 7-year-old child are dead, wants to put Danny in the ground as well. Even worse: As a lifelong professional criminal, he knows the system well enough to evade being recaptured.

Thanks for the scoop on The Walking Dead! I'm confused about the trailer though. Why did Andrea tell the Governor about the other survivors?! —Helio
I feel you! There's no way Andrea would betray the group like that, right? "It's not that easy," executive producer Gale Anne Hurd says of Andrea and Michonne's presence in Woodbury, promising that the trailer isn't giving you all the information. But never fear, Rick & Co. will be prepared for what's coming. "The Governor is a dangerous character, and what's interesting is that the folks in the prison are also dangerous characters now," added showrunner Glen Mazzara. "Rick and Daryl and the people are willing to do what they need to do to survive, so it's great to set these two forces against each other."

I'm so excited for the new season of Parenthood. Can you give me any more teases? —Heather
As you might expect, adopting another child is going to be taxing for Julia and Joel, not to mention big sister Sydney. "[They're] not only dealing with Victor, but when all the attention starts to go towards that one child, the other child is going to have to react, especially somebody who is used to being the only child," executive producer Jason Katims tells us.

How long will Howard be in space for on The Big Bang Theory? —James
Howard will be missing in action for a "few" episodes, executive producer Steve Molaro tells us, which means Bernadette will be stuck dealing solo with Mrs. Wolowitz. "We're going to be discovering the living situation and Bernadette dealing with life on the ground while her husband is up in space," Melissa Rauch says. Don't worry, though, Molaro assures us their relationship will survive this hiatus. "She loves her husband... she just has a complicated relationship with Mrs. Wolowitz," he says.

What can you tell me about Patty's father on Damages? —Liam
We will meet Mr. Hewes (M. Emmett Walsh) later this season, and Glenn Close says his appearance will explain boatloads about why Patty is the way she is. "There is this sad side to her, where she missed out on something that we learn about it," she says. "I think it's informed her whole life and her inability to have any lasting kind of intimate relationships." Adds executive producer Daniel Zelman: "What we know of him is that he was somewhat of a tyrant and a bully. When he re-enters Patty's life, the question is, will she be able to forgive her father? The answer doesn't come until the series finale because it says something very important about who Patty is and who she is going to be in the future."

Adam's Mega Rave: Welcome back, Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston's performance just keeps getting deeper, more layered, and above all, creepier. He truly is The One Who Knocks, and I can't help but open the door.

Natalie's Mini Rant: After HBO spent months touting that True Blood had scored Christopher Meloni for his first post-SVU role, to unceremoniously stake him after five episodes was a travesty.

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