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Mega Buzz: Who Is the Hero of Fear the Walking Dead?

Madison's inner badass is about to come out!

Adam Bryant

Although there are many differences between Fear the Walking Dead and the monster hit that inspired it, one of the most obvious is the lack of a singular point of view like that of The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes -- at least for now.
Although co-creator executive producer Dave Erickson says that this show is more of a true ensemble, a leader will emerge. "We have an opportunity with Madison [Kim Dickens] in particular," Erickson tells TVGuide.com. "The first instinct of our characters isn't to grab a heavy object and bludgeon these people. It's a place we have to build to. ... She is somebody who will get up to speed relatively quickly."

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Indeed, in the second episode, Madison will get her hands dirty and impart some of the new world's tough love to her daughter Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). "You see this strong woman, who is also very feminine and very warm and very vulnerable, adapting to the circumstances, and you see sort of a warrior come out of her," Dickens says. "You see her primal instincts come out to protect her family." Adds Erickson: "She is very approachable and has a very maternal quality, but she's also a badass. We may see a woman who is more equipped for what's to come."

But that could be a problem for her boyfriend Travis (Cliff Curtis), who initially set on thinking his way out this growing crisis, not fighting. "By the end of the first season, they will be unrecognizable to each other," Erickson told us. "They will both embrace or not embrace the apocalypse in different ways. ... One of them is going to get it a lot sooner than the other, and that will lead to a great deal of friction and a fracture."

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