Kirsten Dunst will take on her first starring TV role on Fargo, which is every bit as violent, twisted and hilarious as the Coen brothers' film that inspired it.

On the second season of FX's drama, which is set in 1979 Luverne, Minn., Dunst plays Peggy Blumquist, a hairdresser married to Ed (Friday Night Lights' Jesse Plemons), who wants nothing more than to have a passel of kids with her and own the local butcher shop. Unfortunately, Peggy is not quite that content.

"She's struggling with feeling less defined as a person. She knows that there are more things out there than just Minnesota," showrunner Noah Hawley tells "Because of the region and this sort of inability to communicate on a very basic level even with herself — what am I really saying? what do I really want? — it leads to a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of tension."

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Of course, it wouldn't be Fargo if Peggy's problems were confined to her existential crisis. Trouble enters the picture when she makes a literally fatal error that lands her between two groups: the proud Gerhardt crime family and the Kansas City mafia. "You throw into it the fact that now she's made a mistake that could potentially ruin her life and keep her from doing any of that stuff, and then you start to get desperate," Hawley says. "And once people are desperate, they'll do very unexpected things." Aw, jeez!

Fargo returns on Monday, Oct. 12 at 10/9c on FX.

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