Michael C. Hall, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Matthew Morrison Michael C. Hall, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Matthew Morrison

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Sara Colleton didn't say anything about Louis Greene. Do you have scoop for him on Dexter? — John Dexpert, via Twitter
Au contraire! The creeper who sent Dexter the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case will be back! "We realized that Louis has a whole darker side and people who become fans can turn into dangerous stalkers in the blink of the eye. That's what Louis has turned into," Colleton tells us. "[Dexter will] discover the Ice Truck Killer hand — he has no idea it's in his home — and what the writing on the palm of it means."

Got any new information on Jeanne Tripplehorn's character on Criminal Minds? — Cynthia
Yep! Her name is Alex Blake and she's a seasoned FBI linguistics expert, who has some history with Reid. "People like Reid learned from [her]," executive producer Erica Messer tells us. "She is also a professor at Georgetown and Reid has guest-lectured at her forensic linguistics class before." And before you even ask, don't look for her to be striking up any interoffice romances. "She is in a relationship," Messer teases. "When you get your heroes involved romantically, it just changes the show so much. I feel pretty strongly about that as a rule."

What's coming up on Glee? — Nancy
Make way for the new Brittany! The producers are casting for a beautiful blond high schooler who knows how to dance. Considering Brittany didn't graduate, it sounds like she'll have some competition next season.

How will Bones bring Brennan back? How much can she do to clear her name while on the run? — Vanessa
"[Brennan's] been gone, but she's been working," executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us. That said, she certainly can't do it alone. But good help might be hard to find... at first. "Cam ... and the Jeffersonian have to be completely above reproach," Nathan says "Everyone is doing their jobs so that none of [the evidence] is tainted. ... [But] somebody has been communicating with her and there has been some movement in the case."

Will there be a time jump on Once Upon a Time? — Jimmy
Negative, Jimmy. You'll get to see how magic comes to Storybrooke in a big way. "Don't worry, we won't be skipping over any big moments," consulting producer Jane Espenson tells us. "We love these characters and we want to see how they navigate their way through their new situation. And not just the Charming Family... expect big moments for everyone in town!"

I am so ready for Breaking Bad to come back. Got any dirt? — Ethan
As you might expect, Walt's decision to blow up a meth kingpin (RIP, Gus!) is going to have major (and pretty much immediate) consequences. Look for Gus' right-hand man Mike to high-tail it out of Mexico the second he learns of his boss' demise. Fortunately for Walt, he has one piece of leverage that will keep him out of Mike's crosshairs for now. Unfortunately, that same piece of leverage could also make Walt No. 1 on the DEA's most-wanted list.

Can I just say that the iStake is the best invention ever on True Blood? — Steve
Bill and Eric would probably disagree with you since those quick-killing apps won't be removed for a while. "It stays on for several episodes and you should be worried," Alan Ball tells us. "They're in danger, in serious danger." Like the iStake now?

 How does Maura track down her birth mom on Rizzoli & Isles? — Jessica
With a case, of course! Maura reaches out to her mom, Dr. Hope Martin (guest star Sharon Lawrence), who just so happens to work in the same field. But don't think she tells Hope up front that she's her long-believed-to-be-dead daughter. "It's drawn-out," Lawrence, who will appear in three episodes, tells us. "Hope has a daughter from her marriage. There's a lot to play. Maura's too smart to throw in a bit of information that could blow up in everybody's face, so it'll take a bit."

I liked The Newsroom's first episode. But is Will always going to be so grumpy? — Daniel
Yeah, probably. That's partly because Will's new vision for "News Night" doesn't exactly sit well with ACN's corporate overlords, who very quickly threaten to fire him if he doesn't go back to the safety of the middle of the road. But that doesn't mean Will won't soften up a bit before the season's out. He might even make amends! "Will travels a thousand miles from the season opener to the season finale," creator Aaron Sorkin tells us. "He even runs into the sorority girl he berates in the opening minutes of the series and gives her a very different answer to question she first asked."

Loved the premiere of Weeds. What will Nancy do now? — Shari
For those of you who haven't watched it yet, click here to unlock it. Nancy's shooting will be a revelation of sorts — though don't expect there to be a big turnaround. Her version of a better person is giving away pot pro bono at the hospital, which will put her at odds with the resident clown pot dealer. Fortunately, Nancy's reputation — true or not — has preceded her.

Anything you can hint about the final season of Damages? — Lisa
The premiere features two apparent deaths, at least one of which we'll likely be puzzling over all season. Also, Ellen opens her own law firm and hires a mysterious new associate who has a history with Patty. Speaking of Patty, she gets arrested! Good thing she knows a tough attorney.

Give us some Awkward scoop. — Liam
Just as the writer of the "carefrontation" letter gets revealed, a new mystery will kick off when Jenna finds a mysterious commenter on her not-so-secret-anymore blog. "It's a running [thread] and ultimately motivates something really big," series creator Lauren Iungerich tells us. Just like the carefrontation letter, Iungerich promises that the commenter will be revealed by season end.

Natalie's Mega Rave: John C. McGinley was perfectly cast as Michael's mentor on Burn Notice. McGinley's dry wit and emotional detachment that we've seen in his roles on Scrubs and in Platoon was expertly utilized to show why our favorite burned spy is the way he is.

Adam's Mini Rant: Is Dallas planning a "Who shaved J.R.'s eyebrows?" cliff-hanger? No disrespect, but those things are becoming distracting.

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