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Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions! E-mail us your own spoilery needs.

Make a pie-eater happy. Give me some juicy Pushing Daisies scoop! - Cecilia
Remember how Ned inadvertently "killed" Chuck's dad when he was a kid? Well, let's just say that Chuck and her dead dad are going to have more in common than blue eyes or a love of cheese.

I am a longtime NumNut and can't wait until Oct. 3 for the new season of Numbers. Will Charlie get his clearance back, and if so, how long will he/we have to wait? Lesley
Two people stand in the way: Keith Carradine, guest-starring this season as a veteran fed who holds Charlie's future in his hands, and... Charlie himself. Yeah, it seems Mr. Epps has a big decision to make about exactly how badly he wants to be reinstated. (By the way, the "NumNut" name? Very unsettling.)

I am forced to watch 90210 online. Do you know when the network plans to make each episode available? - Sarah
The network's policy is to make full episodes of 90210 available three days after airing, unless they have an encore presentation planned, in which case it'll go online 24 hours after that. (You can always check our handy Online Video Guide for updates.) And speaking of encores, keep an eye on that twitchy songbird Adrianna, whose "druggy" behavior will lead her exactly where you think it will. But you'll never guess who comes to visit her.

Many sources, you included, say that CSI: Miami's Calleigh and Eric will be getting closer, exploring their feelings, etc;. But what are the rumors I hear about Eric and the new M.E.? Such a turn of events just might send us 'shippers running for pitchforks and axes! Jackie
Hmm, Miami exec producer Sunil Nayar might want to invest in chain mail. As he tells the Buzz, "Since department policy forbids Delko from being with Calleigh, things between him and the new medical examiner ( The 4400's Megalyn Echikunwoke) are strictly professional. But, then again, rules are made to be broken...." That not-at-all-subtle ellipse there is all the producer's.

On the last Ghost Whisperer, Professor Payne noted that a shadow was missing from the group. Will that be addressed in the season opener? Cathy
Oh yes. In fact, that ominous moment caps the season premiere's "Previously On..." montage. Further underlining, boldfacing and italicizing that "clue" will be a new group of spirits whose leader passes along a very disturbing message to Melinda.

Can I get some scoop on True Blood? It's so much better than Twilight. - Laxmi
Last week when I said that True Blood "sucks," you guys knew that I was making fun of its tendency to use heavy-handed vampire metaphors, right? OK, good. You know that song "Love the One You're With"? At least one couple lives by its mantra and hooks up with each other when they can't be with the one they love.

Lost scoop? Anyone? - Jenny
Fans of Ghost Whisperer's online off-shoot, The Other Side, will be happy to know that Matthew Alan (aka "Danny") has booked a two-episode on the ABC drama. And being Lost... that is all I know about the role.

Could you please, please, please give me some Big Love scoop to tide me over until Season 3 starts next year? - Sarah K.
My wives and I can hardly believe this shocking scoop! Last season's chaos will come to a head when one of the central quartet suffers a devastating loss; another will ask a third for a divorce.

Three words: Friday Night Lights? Kristen
Another three words: Dee Double-U Moffett. As revealed in D.W.'s latest celeblog entry, his FNL gig has been extended for the full 13-episode season. (Similarly, so has TV wife Janine Turner's.) The two are playing the rich and now-relocated parents of the Panthers' next great QB hope.

Should we expect to see Kat and Eddie back on 'Til Death anytime soon? I was surprised to see them missing from the premiere. Daniel
Funny thing there.... The Fox sitcom decided it had covered all the longtime marrieds-versus-newlyweds tales to be told, so Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster will only surface in a few episodes this season.

What's up with this guy Max on Greek? It's obvious he and Casey are going to hook up, but it seems he's got some issues. Will Mr. Sideburns be at Cyprus-Rhodes for awhile? Ali
Max has issues, indeed, as revealed during last night's episode. "It's a place our show has never gone before, which is exciting," series creator Patrick Sean Smith tells me. "As for how long Max will stay, you'll have to wait and see."

Is Kid Nation coming back? My granddaughter and I love watching it together. - Nancy
Bad news from Bonanza City, Nancy: A CBS rep says there are no plans for a second season. From what I understand, Kid Nation was filmed just two months before New Mexico closed a loophole in child-labor laws, making a second cycle technically illegal. You'll have to get your child exploitation elsewhere. (Try the CW!)

I loved ABC Family's Samurai Girl, an excellent (if somewhat guilty-pleasure) mini-series. When will we know if it's been renewed as a series? Laura
Not just yet. "We're all hopeful that Samurai Girl can continue on in some form or fashion," says a source at the studio. "But it is still early and ultimately up to the network."

Mickey's Mega Rave: It's called Mad Men, but without Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss and January Jones, Don Draper & Co. would just be blowing smoke. It wasn't easy being a broad in the world of Sterling Cooper this week: Joan was passed over for a deserved promotion; Peggy's secret continued to weigh on her; and, sadly, there's no better TV than watching Betty come apart at her meticulous seams.

Matt's Mini Rant: I'm starting to think that time-traveling back to the 1960s might be Lincoln Burrows' only way of ever getting some lovin'. For years now, Prison Break fans have been clamoring for the big guy to pitch some woo. Instead, Michael gets all the (rather chaste) romance, while Linc's would-be flame, Sofia, is inexplicably MIA. Pure brawn needs hugs, too!

Reader Quote of the Week: "It's a Sci Fi Channel movie - the only scary thing about it is how hard it is going to make you laugh." ( nicolars, on the cabler's plans for a Children of the Corn remake)

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