When we last saw Chicago P.D.'s Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), she was turning in her badge for the bar with her mom. So how will her partner Halstead (Jesse Soffer) react? And is there any hope that they'll get back together?

"Halstead refuses to believe she would do this," executive producer Matt Olmstead tells TVGuide.com. "There's a line coming up where he says, 'Tell me to my face that you're done with this.' And when she tells him, he says, 'I don't know who you are, but if you ever see Lindsay again, tell her she made me a better cop.' So, he doesn't even know who this person is anymore."

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So, you know, they're not even friends now. A relationships is a ways off. "We're going to wait," Olmstead says. "The immediate concern is to get her on her feet again and out of harm's way, but down the road... we're exploring that." But will it be too late for Halstead? "In the meantime, there's nobody else [for him]," Olmstead says.

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Watch Sophia Bush's take on Lindsay and Halstead's relationship below: