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What can you say is coming up for Lindsay and Severide this season on Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire— Nina
A love triangle! Showrunner Matt Olmstead says that Severide will stay with Lindsay throughout Season 3, but he also says that sparks will continue to fly between Lindsay and her partner Halstead. "I'm sure it will be sticky again for Lindsey and Halstead," Jesse Lee Soffer says. "They obviously still have a connection. Who knows if they'll take that risk and if Voight will allow that to happen or if he'll end up killing somebody?" I know he's kidding, but let's not forget what happened to poor Jin in the season finale! RIP!

Is Harrison really going to die on Scandal? — Pamela
Sorry to break it to you, Pamela, but executive producer Shonda Rhimes confirmed that he is. All the Gladiators will be deeply affected by Harrison's death, Rhimes says, but especially Abby. "It'll be devastating for Abby, but in a surprising way," she says. "I think you'll see how she's coping with it in a very different way than you would expect."

I need something on Sleepy Hollow, STAT! — Dennis  
Henry will waste no time waging a psychological war when Season 2 returns. "He's trying to break up the entire community of Sleepy Hollow to pave the way for the apocalypse," Tom Mison tells me. "How best to do that? He masquerades as a lawyer. He becomes a respectable member of society and starts planting seeds of doubt."

Please give me some Mer-Der scoop for Grey's Anatomy! — Helga
In case you haven't heard, it's the season of Meredith! Unfortunately, that's not necessarily a good thing, since it means more drama ahead for she and Derek. "He thinks his career is more important than hers," executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells me. "She has kids and a husband and he has a big career and she has ambition. Suddenly, she's found herself in the backseat." Don't worry, I hear it won't be long before she stands up for herself!  

I'm so jealous that you got to go on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine set. Did you get any scoop on the new season while you were there? — Trudy
You may have heard that Holt's nemesis is coming to town, but what you don't know is that she is a woman! "It's a person with whom Holt has a tremendous amount of history and all of it bad," executive producer Dan Goor tells me. "There will be a lot of negative pressure on Holt and the precinct because of [her]." Send your casting suggestions below!

Can you tell me who ran Castle off the road in last year's Castle finale? — Diana
Nope, but I can certainly tell you who didn't. For fans convinced that last year's fiery cliff-hanger was brought on by either existing nemeses Bracken and 3XK or even Castle's own father, allow new showrunner David Amann to burst your bubble. "The mythology we're getting into is going to go past all that into some new territory," he says. "Those are all fair game, but it's not going to be what the opening of the season is about." What the new season is about is unearthing new secrets about Castle. But how will that impact the Castle-Beckett relationship? "Things that are going to come to light that are going to be unsettling for Beckett," Amann teases. "But we're committed to that relationship. I don't think what happened to Castle is going to disrupt the trajectory of that relationship, at least not in the long term."

Loved all the Damon-Elena scoop, but what about my boys Matt and Tyler on The Vampire Diaries?
Our favorite quarterback is doing just fine. "He misses his friends, but he's dealing with his grief in his own way [and] he's channeling it into something very positive by getting involved in the community and really trying to make something of himself," executive producer Julie Plec says. "So he's thriving, ironically, in the absence of the supernatural elements in Mystic Falls." As for Tyler, Plec adds, "Tyler is back to being a guy with a werewolf curse. He's been down this road, and it's really difficult [and] he's got testosterone and machismo, so how does he keep himself together? He'll find help in some fun sources."

How is Booth dealing with being in jail when Bones returns? — Jeremy
Not great! "He's wounded. He's a man of much anger and he is fueled to find out who did this to his family," David Boreanaz says. "I wouldn't want to get in his way right now." As a result, his eventual reunion with Brennan may not be as happy as you might think. "It's going to take a lot from Brennan to get him back," Boreanaz says, noting that Booth will once again suffer from PTSD.

Do you have any Agent Coulson scoop for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Clark
Don't call him an agent anymore. Because there's a small time jump going into Season 2, he'll already be in the process of rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D. as the new director — but that might not be so easy since the alien serum is affecting his brain. "As director, he'll be faced with some tough decisions, harder decisions than he had to make as an agent," executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen tells me. "We'll see the emotional consequences of that and we'll see the shifts in dynamics between the characters because of that." (Also: Did you see this?)

Thank you so much for the Arrow scoop, but there was not enough on Felicity! — Mark
Let me fix that. The producers are planning a series of Felicity-centric flashbacks that they call "the secret origin of Felicity Smoak." "We are absolutely going to get to know her," executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells me. "We know that she went to MIT, we know that her mom was a cocktail waitress in Vegas and we're going to meet that mom. And we also know that her dad is not in the picture." Any theories on the identity of Dear Old Dad?

What can you tell me about the new season of NCIS? — Katie
Though the show seems to tease as much every season, DiNozzo is definitely getting a new love interest this year. "It's going to happen early on, probably around Episode 4," executive producer Gary Glasberg promises, noting that the pair will meet through a case Tony is working. And it sounds like he might finally be ready for a serious relationship post-Ziva. "I think he's moved past being the wounded bird," Michael Weatherly says. "[Last year,] we decided to whip that guy into shape and get him excited about the future and not holding on to the past. Tony is making choices that are not passive. He's not content to sit on the side and cash his check until it's time to retire. I think he's going to have more fun than he's ever had."

Any info on the crossover episodes of Flash and Arrow? — Leona
I hear the shows' overall narrative arcs will be somewhat related this season, enough so that the crossover will make sense. "Something will happen at the end of Episode 7 of Arrow that will send the Arrow team to Central City and they will discover it was a wider plot, which will drive them all back to Starling City," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells me.

How long before Klaus finds out about Esther and Finn when The Originals returns? — Harriet
"Do we know that it's Finn?" executive producer Michael Narducci muses when my colleague Robyn Ross asked him the same thing. Regardless, Esther and whoever was with her will make their names known soon. "If you think about the kind of stories that Julie Plec tells ... based on that you have a sense of how quickly we'll play it out, who's returned, what their agenda is and we'll start to see some pretty intense complications before too long."

Will The Strain have the same bleak ending as the novels?
It's a little too early to say exactly how the series will end (it's in three to five seasons, after all), but executive producer Carlton Cuse won't shy away from Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's vision. "I don't think we're going to whitewash the ending of the show, but my hope is that even in the very dire circumstances that there is some hope and that the ending will represent a victory, but not a prosaic, artificial victory," Cuse tells me.

Mega Rave: Beyond excited for Wentworth Miller's return to television, particularly as Captain Cold on The Flash.

Mini Rant: Can we all agree that Under the Dome's Rebecca is the worst new character on TV this summer?  

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