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Mega Buzz: Will Castle Be Back Next Season?

Find out why the show's future is in limbo

Adam Bryant

Forget about murder -- there's a much bigger mystery to be solved this season on Castle. Although the long-running ABC procedural still has legions of fans, the show has yet to be renewed for an eighth season, due at least somewhat in part to the fact that the show's stars, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, haven't signed new contracts to continue.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the decision may come down to the wire. "It's been weird. The last five months have been limbo," cast member Seamus Dever, whose contract is also up, tells TVGuide.com. "I don't know [what's] going to happen, and, to be honest, no one has talked to me ... about next season. I'd like to have some answers because my family wants to know if I'm going to be employed. But right now it's really up in the air."

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Naturally, that uncertainty makes planning the remainder of the season a bit tricky for the show's writers. Even so, executive producerDavid Amann says he's trying to avoid the distraction. "We're hopeful that everything gets resolved," he says. "We have thought about a bunch [of] different scenarios, but our main obligation is just to our audience and delivering great shows. We're just building the best end of the season that we can."
Perhaps surprisingly because of the situation, it sounds like the end of the season will involve some uncertainty rather than wrapping things up. "I think we are headed toward to some sort of cliff-hanger. We go back into the Beckett mythology and that might play strongly in the end," Dever teases, noting that the choice makes him remain hopeful that the show will see a Season 8. "From what I'm hearing, [the delayed renewal] is not from lack of want at the network level. They're very happy with the success of our show; it's just about getting everybody back to the table."

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