Castle fans who have been agonizing over the separation of the show's core couple should play close attention to the next three episodes.

Although viewers know that Beckett (Stana Katic) asked Castle (Nathan FIllion) for a separation to protect him while she searches for the mysterious LokSat, Castle is still completely in the dark. And his frustrations finally begin to boil over on Monday's episode when he works a case with Det. Slaughter (returning guest star Adam Baldwin). However, Slaughter just might offer Castle some useful advice.

"It's going to help Castle refocus his strategy on how to get his wife back," executive producer Terence Paul Winter tells "He's been reinvigorated after his time with Slaughter, so he jumps into [the following] episode with a new sense of passion. He's able to create a very dynamic situation between the two of them. People are going to be very satisfied."

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Does that mean a reconciliation is in the cards? After all, the Nov. 23 episode — the fall finale — is titled "Mr. and Mrs. Castle." Although executive producer Alexi Hawley notes that's a bit a play off Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he acknowledges that the episode is a big step forward in the relationship. "We definitely move the ball down the field in terms of the conspiracy and the effect it's having on their relationship," he says. "It ends with the promise of what's to come in a way that people will be excited about."

Still not sure you believe the producers? "We're committed to this relationship the same way they're committed to this relationship," Hawley insists. "There's room for some conflict and drama, but at the end of the day they're both way too in love to let it go or walk away. Relationships are hard sometimes, but if you're committed to it, you stick it out."

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