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I know Castle is trying to keep Castle and Beckett apart, but why is he acting like such a brat? — Liz
He's just being a man, creator Andrew W. Marlowe says. "Men in general usually don't confront their feelings," he says of Castle's reaction to learning that Beckett remembers Castle's declaration of love. "He's certainly not the type of person to go up to Beckett and say, 'Hey, you hurt me!' because that would be exposing himself. He's expressing his anger with Beckett, and whether he knows it or not, he's trying to punish her without really putting his cards on the table." But don't worry: Beckett will soon figure out what set Castle off, thanks to another revealing chat with her therapist.

Some Private Practice scoop, please!!! I'm dying! — Manuela
Don't die! Private Practice returns next Tuesday! This scoop, however, may kill you: One of the Seaside Wellness docs gets arrested before the season is up. And if I tell you who, I will die at the hands of Shonda Rhimes. So get to guessing in the comments!

Can you give me any hints about what's coming up on SVU? Rebecca
Did you see this? In other news, rough waters are ahead for Olivia and Haden (guest star Harry Connick Jr.) after Bayard Ellis (Andre Braugher) learns of the pair's secret (and ethically nebulous) relationship. The real question: Is Ellis trying to separate them because it's the right thing to do or because he's jealous?

I don't need much, just a scoop about Slexie on Grey's Anatomy, please give it to me. — Sara
Shonda Rhimes knows that you Slexie (or Mexie, as she calls them) fans are clamoring for some news, so she offered up this cryptic tease: "I think they're going to get some satisfaction," she says. "I cannot say that it's not going to be bittersweet or painful. That's all." Sigh.

Excited to see Peri Gilpin as D.B. Russell's wife on CSI, but please tell me it's not going to be a love triangle between her and Finlay? — Shannon
Rest easy, Shannon. Mrs. Russell is the only woman for D.B. "[He and Finlay] have a great working relationship, and there is a fire there. But for him the fire is all about the work," executive producer Don McGill says. However, Russell and Finlay will butt heads in the finale. "We have a murder case that is reminiscent of the case that got Finlay fired in Seattle," McGill says. "It dredges up deep feelings from the past between Finlay and Russell. Finlay is someone who has a tendency to, in her quest for justice, cross the line. We'll see whether Finlay has learned from the past."

When is Esther returning to The Vampire Diaries? —Crystal
She'll return in next week's new episode still hell-bent on killing her children. Look for an intensely emotional scene between Esther and Rebekah, in which Mama Original explains why she feels her kids should no longer "live."

Can you tell me anything more about Tricia Helfer's role on the Criminal Minds finale? — Dave
Helfer's character, Izzy Rogers, is the leader of a group of bank robbers who crosses paths with Hotch & Co. after she takes hostages during one of her jobs. "Ultimately, she is a serial killer masquerading as a bank robber," executive producer Erica Messer says. "Our team comes in because the behavior suggests they do this every month — they kill somebody for the fun of it, not because they're in the way. The woman's off her rocker. She's just a bad egg." However, it's one of the BAU team members who may be scrambled when he or she volunteers to go inside to talk Izzy down.

Got any scoop on the Desperate Housewives finale? — Sally
First, there's this. Also, it sounds like one housewife may be moving off Wisteria Lane. (Hint: I said housewife.)

Do you think Awake will eventually try to pair Britten with his son's tennis instructor in the "Rex reality"? — Victoria
In a word, yes. Creator Kyle Killen tells us that that was always the plan, but it might not happen in the first season. "It's tremendously difficult to thread that needle, given that he both is and isn't moving on," Killen says. "If his wife is alive and the other world is a dream, what does it mean when every time you go to sleep, you dream of being with another woman?" Well, I'm no Roger Federer, but I think it means something about "love."

Will Wolowitz and Bernadette get married this season on The Big Bang Theory? —Jo
The wedding may have to be postponed when Wolowitz's launch into space gets moved up. Now it's just a matter of breaking the news to Bernadette's father, a retired cop who spent a pretty penny on the nuptials.

Is Dickie Bennett really dead on Justified? — Tyler
If Johnny Crowder's story has taught us anything, it's that unless you see a body bag, assume nothing. However, executive producer Graham Yost is certainly leaning one way at the moment. "We just have to play with stories and see how they materialize," Yost says. "I think to a degree we feel like we have wrapped up the Bennett story in this season with the reveal of where the money is. If he's not dead, he's certainly going back to jail."

I can't wait for Parks & Recreation to return. What's coming up? — Mitch
Now that April has been left in charge of the Parks Department while Leslie runs for City Council — come on, Ron Swanson isn't going to lift a finger — her first duty will be to fix a huge blunder made by... Leslie. Oops! But guess what? April finally develops a taste for civic duty when she launches a project close to her heart.

Adam's Mega Rave: It's been a long time since a plot development has made me cheer from the couch. So thanks, Mad Men, for finally getting Joanie to kick Greg's butt to the curb.

Natalie's Mini Rant:
The show is called How I Met Your Mother, not How Can We Fill Up Yet Another Episode with Mindless Plot Devices So We Don't Have to Reveal the Mother Yet?

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(Additional reporting by Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)