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Any last-minute spoilers before the Castle premiere? — Michelle
Although it's not built as a two-parter like last year's season-opener, don't expect to get all the answers about who caused Castle's car accident or why by the end of the premiere. But do be prepared for the answers that are immediately available to make every character — even Beckett — seriously evaluate how much they really know (or believe in) Castle. The only silver lining: Those immediate answers don't necessarily paint the full picture. But will the damage already be done?

I need some more
 Homeland scoop! Are Quinn and Carrie still working together?
Although the first episode does pair the former colleagues on a mission, they hardly see eye-to-eye. (In other words, any sparks between them aren't necessarily romantic ones.) Could that have something to do with the fact that Quinn turned down an offer to come work on Carrie's team? Let's just say Quinn disapproves of Carrie's decision-making in both her professional and personal life.

How long will Bones drag out the FBI conspiracy this season? — Barbara
Executive producer Stephen Nathan says it should mostly be wrapped up by the end of Episode 2. However, Booth will be dealing with the FBI's betrayal for much longer. "That's not something he can get rid of in one episode," Nathan says. "He has to learn how to trust the organization he devoted his life to again." That also includes Booth getting to know his new co-worker, Junior Agent James Aubrey. "He's somebody [Booth] has to learn how to work with and somebody he has to learn how to trust. The trust is the issue he will be wrestling with for a little bit."

I loved the Gotham pilot, particularly the portrayal of the Penguin! What else can you tell me about him?  — Philip
While the other villains introduced in the pilot will take some time to become wicked, Penguin is already well on his way. (RIP, Mr. Fisherman!) "The second he gets out of that water he has immediately clicked into how he's going to get back at the people who have harmed him and how he's never going to let it happen again," Robin Lord Taylor says. "That's his transformation. It's a rebirth in a way." That said, look for the introduction of Carol Kane as his mother to shed light on why he's so messed-up — and perhaps change the way viewers see him. "With any 'bad guy,' once you understand where they came from, it's harder to condemn them as just an evil person," Taylor says. "I don't know if [viewers will] necessarily be agreeing with him or hoping that he gets what he wants, but there's at least understanding why he's doing what he's doing."

I still can't believe Cary is in jail on The Good Wife! Will everyone remain loyal to him while he's behind bars? — Casey
Although Alicia may have fought hard for Cary in the season premiere, the jury is still out on whether she will continue to do so. "What is especially appetizing about this is how it impacts Alicia," co-creator and executive producer Michelle King tells us. "How does she show her loyalty to him and yet still protect her own interests? After all, she's got a firm to run, she's the wife of the governor and there is a question mark as to whether she should pursue becoming state's attorney."

Got any Once Upon a Time scoop? I can't wait to see Queen Elsa really freeze Storybrooke! — Tina
The Ice Queen will be a stranger in a strange land, but she will recognize at least one familiar face when she hits town. Unfortunately, it will bring up painful memories, which sets her on a mission to find answers about a significant object from her past — at all costs. Also, as was reported earlier, Elsa's anxieties will lead to the creation of a snow monster, and let's just say it's nothing like the cuddly, summer-lovin' Olaf!

I'm so glad that Jenny survived the car crash on Sleepy Hollow. What's next for her? —
Jenny can't seem to catch a break! On Monday's all-new episode, the former mental patient will once again find herself behind bars after an unfortunate run-in with the new sheriff. And since Abbie is unable to explain the truth behind what Jenny is up to (you know, taking down the Horseman of Death), Abbie has no choice but to let her sister take one for the team. Hopefully, Abbie won't take another decade to get Jenny out this time.

I can't believe that Parenthood is finally back! What can you say about the final season? — Rachel
Remember how executive producer Jason Katims told us that Julia and Joel wouldn't be back together when the series returned? Well, that was an understatement. In the season premiere, at least one half of the former couple has moved onto a steamy (and possibly serious) new love interest. But the estranged spouses will be forced to come together and present a united front when dealing with Sydney's recent troubles at school. Awkward!

Anything on The Goldbergs? — Jennifer
On the season premiere, Adam makes a mix tape of all his favorite lovey-dovey '80s jams for Dana — because she's his inspiration, you know? Unfortunately, Beverly intercepts it and thinks her baby boy made it for her. That doesn't stop Adam from giving a copy to Dana, and of course, the two most important ladies in his life will find themselves in the same place at the same time with the tape blasting. What's a (mama's) boy to do?

I think I'm sticking with Red Band Society! What else can you tell me about it? — Valerie
Now that we've met the major players, it's time to start meeting their families. And the relatives won't waste much time adding to the drama. "Emma is going to have a sister, Dr. McAndrew has a story about his brother and Leo's got an older brother — and someone will like him," executive producer Margaret Nagle told us. Hmm, could that perhaps related to this little nugget about Kara?  "She's going to fall in love, but he's not going to love her back so that's going to be hard for her," Nagle says.

What can you tease about the new season of Chicago P.D.? — Jason
Although Jin died in Season 1, he "is still very much on everybody's minds," star Amy Morton (that's Sgt. Trudy Platt to you!) says of the new season. But there will actually be a physical reminder of him as well. "His mother is a part of this season," Morton adds. "So it's not like he's gone and forgotten."

Do you have any teases about the Ray Donovan season finale? — Luke
Although Mickey's pot store robbery was a complete disaster, Mickey finds a hilarious way to turn his meager score into a major payday. Elsewhere, Ray ties up almost all of his season-long problems, some more neatly than others. And  there's at least one death that will have a major impact on what Season 3 will look like.

Mega Rave: 
I for one can't wait to see Vince Vaughn play a bad guy on True Detective. He's got way more in him than his post-Wedding Crashers resume suggests.

Mini Rant: Let it go, Charlie Sheen. Let it go.   

This Week's Recommendation:  Black-ish (Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 9:30/8:30c, ABC) This season's funniest new comedy is also a provocative, smart take on race and class in America. Just overlook that not-so-great title.

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