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What can you tell me about the Castle wedding? I can't wait! — Jenna
Owing to the complex story that precedes the nuptials — Castle experiences an alternate reality in which he's never met Beckett — the ceremony itself had to be scaled back considerably. "We came very close to doing the other version of the big wedding... and all the hoopla that's associated with that, and we knew that we didn't want to do quite the same thing," executive producer David Amann tells us. However, don't think that Castle's rush to the altar will scare Beckett — or make the moment any less magical. "[Beckett] doesn't necessarily know quite what has driven him to this point, but she's emotionally right there with him," Amann says. "It's a wonderful, wonderful moment, and we hope the fans share that view."

Can you give me any details on the 100th episode of Hawaii Five-0? — Brandon
As promised, the episode, which offers a glimpse of what McGarrett's life could have been without Five-0, (finally) gives some concrete answers about exactly how Wo Fat is connected to McGarrett and his mother. And while some of the intel might not be completely surprising, what McGarrett choses to do with that info is. In other words, expect quite an impressive showdown.

I need to know what's coming up on Orange Is the New Black! — Kristen
A baby! "Nine months elapses in Season 3," Matt McGorry teases of Daya and Bennett's bundle of joy. But how will the couple go about child-rearing in Litchfield? "They have different ideas about what should happen, as we've seen before, and that continues to come to a head as we get closer and closer to Month Nine," McGorry says. "Hormones rage and ... in our case, it's even more complicated."

I can't wait for the big Chicago Fire-Chicago P.D.- SVU crossover next week! What can you tease?  Logan
Things will be a little bit awkward for Severide when he calls the P.D. crew to the scene of a fire and his former flame Lindsay arrives at the scene. But maybe he shouldn't be so worried. "When she shows up, he's a little bit on his heels expecting, 'Oh boy... how's this gonna go?" executive producer Matt Olmstead says. "[But she's completely ingenuous and checks in on him and gets to business. So, it was [actually] a very nice moment." Does that mean there still might be hope for these two? "Who knows, they could come back together again," Olmstead teases.

Vampire Diaries scoop on Damon and Elena, please! — Samantha
Did you watch our interview with Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev? As for how Damon will feel when he finds out that Elena's memory has been erased, it's not pretty. "He'll be pretty pissed at [Alaric] ... and can't imagine for the life of him why his best friend would do this," Somerhalder says. Fortunately, Damon's reunion with Stefan will go better — and snap Stefan out of his funk. "He's going through his dark phase, but he comes around," Paul Wesley says. "They're going to hug it out."

I can't believe "Doucheface" and Bonnie hooked up on How to Get Away with Murder! Will they hook up again?  Ebony
Not in the present... technically. But they will on the midseason finale when the show catches up to the night of Sam's murder. "You get to see how that started and why she called him," Matt McGorry says. "I think it surprises even them when it happens. They're not like Laurel and Frank, flirting all the time. They're not really together at all [in the next two episodes]."

Any Criminal Minds scoop?  Greg
Bummed about Hotch and Beth's breakup? Well, he might move on quickly. After Hotch tells Rossi that they split because of an overseas job opportunity, Rossi does his best to try to cheer him up. "He says that I'm gonna be his wingman at this jazz club because there's someone he's interested in," Thomas Gibson tells us. "She comes along and she's got a friend, so we'll see! It definitely hints at something."

I'm excited to see Eva Longoria on Brooklyn Nine-Nine! What can you tease about her role?  Megan
As reported, Longoria will play a love interest for Jake — and she brings Gaby Solis' libido with her! The two have an almost instant connection (read: one-night stand), but things get super-complicated for Jake when his co-workers find out she is the enemy (aka a defense attorney). In other relationship news, Sunday's episode ends with two very unexpected people together in a romantic hotel suite with a bottle of bubbly. Leave your guesses in the comments below!

When is Callen going to get that new love interest on NCIS: LA? — Flo
Alas, it won't be until later this season — but it sounds like it'll be worth the wait. "What I do know about it is the woman is related to someone that has a connection to Callen's past, someone that we've seen before in episodes," Chris O'Donnell hints. "It'll be fun to explore that part of Callen. He's such a private guy and kind of a simple guy. ... That personal relationship side of him we haven't really explored that much."

Do you know anything about upcoming  Arrow-Flash crossover? — Christopher
It may not be a full crossover — and you probably don't have to be watching both shows to understand what's happening — but executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says Arrow fans will definitely want to tune into The Flash's eighth episode. "We discover something about Oliver (Stephen Amell) which is probably one of the biggest secrets we've ever revealed on the show — and it happens on The Flash," Kreisberg teases.

What's coming up for Sonny on Law & Order: SVU? He's starting to grow on me. — Debbie
You're not the only one! Executive producer Warren Leight tells us that Peter Scanavino has officially been made a series regular. However, it will take a while for viewers to learn more about Carisi's history. "One of the things I learned when we had Rollins and Amaro as new detectives — when I did a little backstory early on, it seemed like the audience wasn't ready for it," Leight says. "They want to see the guy in action before they get to know how he got to be who he is." That's not to say you won't get some of the pieces of the puzzle. In fact, in Wednesday's episode, Carisi shows that he actually can be empathetic. "He handles [an emotionally disturbed] guy very, very well," Leight says. "He knows when you're talking to somebody who's out of their mind, you have to sort of ... be out of their mind with them"

Any more teases about what's coming up on The Affair? — Carrie
Look for a major reveal in the present-day investigation that appears to ID whose grim fate has brought Noah and Alison to the police station. (Perhaps even more surprising: Noah and Alison's interrogations may not last all season.) As for the two lovebirds' now-consummated fling? Let's just say it takes much less time for that relationship to start falling apart than it did for them to hit the sheets.

Mega Rave: Thank you, Homeland, for finally giving us a taut, intense thrill ride of an episode that reminded me of the show's better days. More of that and less of Carrie finding her next true love, please.

Mini Rant:
 I swear I remember a time when Chris Rock was funny. What happened?

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 The Newsroom (Sunday at 10/9c, HBO) Say what you will about the Aaron Sorkin drama, but the abbreviated third season gets off to a crackling start that raises the stakes for every character as the show's swan song begins.

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