Stana Katic, Castle; Joshua Jackson, Fringe; Paget Brewster, Criminal Minds Stana Katic, Castle; Joshua Jackson, Fringe; Paget Brewster, Criminal Minds

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Does Castle's finale have a cliff-hanger like last year's? I'm not sure I could handle that! — Jessica
Creator Andrew W. Marlowe hints that Beckett will be experiencing a lot of changes in the finale, and the domino effect of said changes leads to this season's climax. And while I'm pretty sure that no one's life will be hanging in the balance, Castle-Beckett fans will likely still be in for a long summer. Why? Marlowe says this finale doesn't lend itself to a large time jump between seasons. "The way we're ending this season, people will want to know what happens in the immediate aftermath," he teases.

Will the rest of the Fringe team regain their memories before the end of the season? — Larry
No. "We're not telling stories about other people becoming their Season 1, 2, and 3 version of themselves," executive producer Jeff Pinkner says. "The last couple of episodes are very much our two universes, and then specifically our key characters dealing with the consequences of what David Robert Jones is up to, then Jones fighting back." (The good news: We have a whole other season to deal with the rest of it!)

Got any more details about Prentiss' final Criminal Minds episode? — Kyle
As we've noted before, Prentiss will definitely not be killed off. So the next question is: When might Paget Brewster make a return appearance? "She's open to coming back, and the character is positioned in a way that she can come back periodically," Joe Mantegna tells us. "I could see her coming and doing an arc with us, and that will be good for everybody. Sometimes that's enough. If she comes in and does [a few episodes] per season, it will be like she never left in a way."

What's going to happen to Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries? — Sally
Sure, she was bitten by Alaric, but that doesn't mean she's going to go the way her mother did — in fact, Damon will see to that by saving her life. However, their Alaric issues are much more pressing since he's immortal now. Can the spell be reversed? Yes, but Bonnie doesn't know how to do that particular "kill your ex-history teacher who's now a vampire-hunting vampire" spell... yet. We're guessing that her witch-turned-vampire mother might be able to help her though.

So is Rigsby going to make things work with his baby mama on The Mentalist? — Diana
Creator Bruno Heller says Rigsby is certainly going to try, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah wasn't much of a presence in Season 5. (Lest we forget, finales are dangerous.) Supporting my theory is this juicy tidbit from Heller about Rigsby's former lover and teammate Van Pelt: "I think after all the problems with her last boyfriend, Van Pelt's starting to look at Rigsby and realize that he was a better prospect than he might have seemed at the time."

Does Leslie actually win the election on Parks and Recreation? — Jeremy
That depends: Do you drink when you're celebrating or commiserating? (Full disclosure: Yes.) "[There's] a lot of anxious waiting and drinking," Retta says of the season finale. "We get drunk at the end." Well, that clears up... nothing. But don't blame Retta. Word has it the cast filmed two different endings, so even she doesn't know how it all turns out.

What can you tell me about the Unforgettable finale? Will Carrie solve her sister's murder? — Cindy
Carrie will come face-to-face with the man she keeps seeing in her memories of that day — and his gun. But is he really the killer? It'll sure seem like it when we learn that his house is full of pictures of other girls murdered in the exact same manner as Carrie's sister.

Got any scoop on Game of Thrones? — Harold
Theon Greyjoy will storm Winterfell. Unfortunately, he will prevail and a familiar face will fall victim to his quest for glory. Guesses as to whom we're saying goodbye to now?

Got any Psych spoilers? — Parker
Juliet will go undercover to catch a serial killer who murders the women he meets on a singles website. Amongst the losers she'll encounter during her investigation: a guy who proudly shows off photos of himself and his prized pet sea horses. Unfortunately for Shawn, all of Juliet's suitors aren't so dorky. We see major jealousy in his future!

Loving Scandal. Please give me some scoop! — Leslie
Is Amanda Tanner dead or alive? We're sworn to secrecy, but eagle-eyed viewers might find an answer in this promo.

Are Divya and her parents going to get past their estrangement on Royal Pains? —Kathryn
Yes, Divya and her mother will be getting really close after Divya accidentally inspires her mom to leave her father, and Mommy moves in! Naturally, they butt heads a bit, which will lead Divya to unload all her parental issues on an unsuspecting blind date. As luck would have it, though, he's a family therapist!  

I'm so excited about the return of Nick on The Secret Circle! Got any scoop? —Jennifer
Nick isn't the only familiar face who'll be back. Kate Meade (Stepfanie Kramer), Diana's grandmother, will also show up in the finale — and seeing how she reacted to Cassie's dark magic, we should probably expect some trouble to be a-brewin'.

Natalie's Mega Rave: Two John Nobles on Fringe, with one shedding the tears of a man who fears losing his son, have got to get the Emmy voters' attention finally, right? Please?

Adam's Mini Rant: Miley Cyrus as a potential judge on The X Factor? The Mayans may be right about 2012 after all.

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