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I'm still processing that Castle cliff-hanger. Who ran Castle's car off the road? — Linda
Although there are a number of possibilities (3XK comes to mind, for example), it sounds like at least one person isn't involved: the recently arrested Sen. William Bracken. "I think that aspect of the mythology is closed now," creator Andrew W. Marlowe says. "Beckett knows who killed her mother. If there's further storytelling there, I think we're going to be breaking new ground." And for those fans miffed that we didn't get to see Castle and Beckett's wedding, look on the bright side: The show will have a fresh budget to work with in Season 7! "That's right," Marlowe says with a laugh. "We were running on fumes, financially, at the end of this year." When can we expect our diamond-encrusted invite?

I'm confused about The Blacklist. Did the burn scars on Red's back mean that he's Liz's father?  — Evan
Creator Jon Bokenkamp thought he made it pretty clear in our postmortem that Red is not Liz's dad, but I went back to the source to double check. "All I would say is that Red was obviously there during that fire," Bokenkamp says. "Or so it would seem. Don't think it means he's her father — he has said no to that question, after all." Everybody clear now?

Is Booth going to die on the Bonefinale?  — Kristin
These promos certainly don't look good, do they? What I can tell you is that the scenes that explain how Booth ends up in the hospital are part of one of the most taut, action-packed sequences the show has done in some time. (The fact that Booth even makes it to the ER is a bit of a miracle.) And while you probably shouldn't worry too much about Booth's odds of survival, ask yourself this: Is there a fate worse than death for our favorite FBI agent?

Is this the final chapter for 24 or do you think there will be more? — Brandon
No official decisions have been made at this point, but there's at least one person who's confident the show will go on. "When [the idea] was first was delivered as this is wrapping up the franchise," Mary Lynn Rajskub says. "But when the rewrites came back... it must have felt fresh enough [because] everyone was really happy. I would be really surprised if they didn't do more after this installment." Whether or not that turns out to be true, the writers certainly aren't approaching this as the ultimate ending. "We're not going to kill him, I can guarantee you that," co-creator and executive producer Robert Cochran says.

I need more Once Upon a Time scoop! — Karen
Now that Rumple has pledged his life to Belle, he's going to have a tough time lying to her about his role in Zelena's death. Could this be the first crack in his seemingly unbreakable façade? "It's probably not going to be easy for him," executive producer Adam Horowitz tells me. "Those were genuine vows and he loves Belle, but he's got his own weaknesses that he has to fight." It's like they always say: The best marriages are the ones built on lies! (What? No one says that?)

Criminal Minds scoop! Please tell me Reid doesn't die! — Johnson 
Well, Matthew Gray Gubler's contract is up this season. As you may have already seen in the promo, that bullet he took in the neck last week doesn't kill him, but the dude holding a gun to his face might. "He's definitely not out of the woods. Don't assume he's OK because he's awake," executive producer Erica Messer warns. "[Reid getting shot] is only the beginning of a larger plot in the finale." So who is shooting at him? "It's not the unsub," Messer teases.

Do you know what's coming up on The Americans— Chase
With Larrick hot on their trail, Phillip and Elizabeth will take drastic measures to protect their kids. (But perhaps Larrick isn't the one they should be worried about.) Speaking of the kids, look for Paige to take a page (ha!) out of her parents' playbook. Bonus scoop: There will be more than one familiar face returning in the upcoming finale.

How long will Layla and Will be able to keep up their reality show charade on Nashville— Michael
Not very long! "He is the kind of guy who cracks under pressure," Chris Carmack says. "With this reality show, the camera's on him 24/7. He can't punch a wall and then apologize and be good old Will." When that pressure reaches fever pitch in the finale, Will is forced to have an extremely uncomfortable conversation with Layla. But will that conversation stay private?

Last chance for scoop on Vampire DiariesYou got anything? —  Charlie
Fine, one more tidbit. Remember that death count we've been talking about? Well, at least one of the fatalities comes very early in the finale and serves to motivate certain people to save the other side. If death isn't a powerful motivator, what is!?

I can't wait for Graceland to return! — Laura 
Fortunately for you, I've already screened the premiere. Needless to say Mike won't be away from Graceland for long. And while his return from D.C. won't please everyone, there's at least one party eagerly awaiting his arrival: the Caza Cartel, which has put a price on Mike's head!

What can you tease about the Arrow finale? — Tiger 
Have you seen this yet? Also, Diggle and Deadshot will cross paths again when Arrow's right-hand man is tasked with preventing A.R.G.U.S. from destroying Starling City. "There's a fairly big development with Diggle in the finale that will set up his story for next year," executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases. "We get to see Amanda Waller again, and the episode helps explain how Amanda knows so much about Oliver Queen."

Does Branch survive on Longmire?  — Caleb
Being shot is actually the least of Branch's worries when the drama returns for Season 3. Suffice it to say, Branch is not in top condition when he sets out to find the White Warrior who shot him. His failing health impairs his judgment in a way that makes it nearly impossible for him to keep the trust of those around him — especially Cady, who has a particularly scary run-in with Branch in the premiere.

Mega Rave: Elsa may have stolen the show during Sunday's Once Upon a Time, but Jennifer Morrison's emotional portrayal as Emma watched her parents fall in love was the best part of the finale, hands down.

Mini rant: I'm not the only one that thought Castle's shocking cliff-hanger felt lazily tacked on, right?

This week's recommendation: Grey's Anatomy (Thursday at 9/8c on ABC) Have the Kleenex handy because it's Sandra Oh's final episode. Given that a possible terrorist attack is occurring in Seattle, we can only hope that Cristina actually leaves for Zurich without being blown up.   

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