Chicago Fire's Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Dawson (Monica Raymund) might've had a little post-broken engagement fun, but don't get expect a reconciliation.

"For now it's a one-time thing," showrunner Matt Olmstead tells "If ever two co-workers were going to fall back in bed again, it's when they spend 24 hours working together and at a job where you can experience some pretty traumatic things. So it was all a perfect storm of wanting to comfort each other and be together and they're more than entitled to."

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So will Casey's new construction job at the strip club — and the introduction of Katya (Izabella Miko), his presumed new love interest who works there — keep them apart? Not quite. "There is a major complication forthcoming in that story line, but it's not necessarily a romantic one," Olmstead says. "Inevitably, he gets absorbed into this world, but not through her. He didn't get the job so he could court strippers."

Are you holding out hope for Casey and Dawson?

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