Kate Walsh, Matthew Rhys, Michaela Conlin Kate Walsh, Matthew Rhys, Michaela Conlin

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What's coming up for Kevin and Scotty on Brothers & Sisters? — Amanda
Something huge, according to series star Matthew Rhys. "No course ever runs smoothly, so unfortunately we have an enormous story line about to break," he says of an upcoming twist in Kevin and Scotty's adoption saga. Rhys, who also directs the revelatory episode, says the bombshell was crafted after ABC ordered four additional episodes for the end of the season. Any theories on what this bombshell could be?

What's next for Addison and Sam on Private Practice? Sarah
After Addison's mother's suicide, "their next issue will be the baby," Kate Walsh tells us. "She's getting to the point of, 'Oh my God, time's up! Let's do this!' and yet they've only been dating for a few months, and he's got a grown child, a grandchild and an ex-wife." But Addy's biological clock is quite a ticker. "When women want a baby, they're pretty tenacious," Walsh says.

Will we see Angela and Hodgins' baby on Bones this season? — Jessica
Let's play good news, bad news. Bad news first: "Hodgins and Angela will have to deal with something quite serious with the baby," executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us of the March episode that finds D.C. shut down by an enormous blizzard. (Topical!) The good news: Both parents and baby will survive the snowpocalypse. "We will definitely see a baby," Nathan says.

Will the "over there" Fringe division ever find out about Alt-Broyles' death? —Harrison
Alt-Broyles, who was killed helping Olivia escape, "didn't die in vain," executive producer Jeff Pinkner says, adding that his death will become a focal point this season. "Olivia's commitment to him is going to come back into play," he says.

What else can you tell me about Sean Combs' guest appearance on Hawaii Five-0? — Marcus
Combs (aka Diddy) plays a New York detective named Reggie Williams, who's in town to visit family — and hide out after an attempt on his life. The rub: Reggie's dad, an organized crime figure, may have ordered the hit. Tough love, anyone?

Any 90210 spoilers? —Jenna
Please ready your "Naomi Clark graduates!" YouTube tributes. We're hearing that while she and Teddy will be crowned prom king and queen, she might be busted for cheating and end up in summer school.

Anything new to report about NCIS? — Gina
The show is looking for a Latino or Mediterranean man to play a charismatic, intelligent charmer whose nice-guy good looks and winning smile mask a bit of mystery. The experienced federal agent will most likely assist the team with some of their bigger international cases. Jimmy Smits, call your agent!

What's coming up for Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope? —Jack
Leslie's dream of holding public office may come true after all. After the success of the Harvest Festival, she'll be approached to run for City Council. But will her secret romance with Ben be her downfall?

Do you think my new favorite show, Hellcats, will be back for a second season? — Miranda
ADAM: We think the show's outlook is pretty good, and apparently, so do the show's producers. We'll meet Marti's absentee dad, Rex, in the Season 1 finale, and the plan is for him to recur in Season 2. But this daddy-daughter reunion won't be a happy one. Rex is an alcoholic and drug addict for whom recovery has never been a long-term option.

Can we please get some Big Bang Theory scoop? —Mike
Someone has stolen Sheldon's most valuable possessions! Ask yourself: What would Sheldon value over anything else? And then ask yourself how the cops might react to such a theft.

What's the word on Entourage's final season? — Seth
Three months will have passed, and it sounds like most of the boys will have girl problems. I'm hearing that Eric and Sloane's engagement will be off by the end of the season premiere. Meanwhile, Turtle can't get Alex, who he put in his tequila ads, to call him back, and Ari learns that his wife is now dating a well-regarded chef. Hey, at least Vince is three months' sober!

More scoop on Nikita, please! —Sam  
Rivals Alex and Jaden will be forced to work together on a mission to assassinate the privileged son of a foreign leader who's planning a patricide.

Natalie's Mega Rave: Monday's episode of How I Met Your Mother featured another mother hint: In the year 2021, Ted says he and Zoe's relationship ended badly. In truth, we're glad Jennifer Morrison isn't the mother, especially since that leaves the door open for her to return to House.

Adam's Mini Rant: To call Mad Love a poor man's How I Met Your Mother is an insult to poor men. Sorry, great cast!

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