Emily Deschanel, Andrew Lincoln, Julie Bowen Emily Deschanel, Andrew Lincoln, Julie Bowen

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Got any new Bones scoop? — Heather
Those of you hankering for another Bones wedding might want to keep those expectations in check. Although the subject of a marriage between Cam and Arastoo comes up again in the Nov. 6 episode, one member of the couple isn't exactly ready for a new level of commitment. Worse, that fight spills into the Jeffersonian when Arastoo's dissertation proposal is rejected by Dr. Brennan and Cam tries to change Brennan's mind. Unfortunately for Cam, she'll quickly learn that opening her mouth has only made things worse between her and Arastoo.

I don't understand why Rick would let Glen and Maggie leave with Abraham on the The Walking Dead. Shouldn't they all stick together? — Valerie
Haven't you learned not to question Rick?!  Actually, Andrew Lincoln agrees that Rick's choice is cause for concern. "We've always realized that there's strength in numbers," he says. "You have to [stick together], particularly if you're on the road again and very exposed. We are both those things — we're reeling at the moment." However, Lincoln counters that it's exactly that reeling feeling that forces Rick to go along with the trip to Washington. "He's doing everything in his powers to keep everybody going forward, until we find something safe to hold onto, which is one of the reasons why he goes along with the D.C. plan," Lincoln says. "People need a horizon. When they're distressed and in fear of their lives, people need something to look to."

I like the Dunphys' new neighbors on Modern Family! Will we be seeing more of them? —Tommy
You bet! Ronnie and Amber pop back up in Wednesday's Halloween episode, when Phil decides to take over the Halloween decorations from Claire for a change. In fact, the obnoxious neighbors waste little time weighing in on Phil's plan, which creates quite a rift between the Dunphys. But why are Ronnie and Amber so keen on giving their advice? Let's just say they're planning something that's a lot more trick than treat.

I'm not thrilled about Sherlock getting another protégé on Elementary? He can't replace Joan! — Sara
You don't really have too much to worry about. Although Sherlock did take the young but determined Kitty Winter (Ophelia Lovibond) under his wing while working for MI6 in London, she is no Joan Watson — of which she becomes keenly aware. But a catfight isn't necessarily in order. In fact, a big secret from Kitty's past will make her realize that she isn't competing with Joan, but could definitely benefit from her calmer, gentler ways.

What is coming up on New Girl? — Randy

Getting over Cece is going to be tougher than Schmidt thought! His feelings will once again get the better of him when he finds out there's a new man in Cece's life. Making things even more difficult, he and Cece will have to get very close when they must pretend to be a couple as a "favor" to Winston.

Is Juliette going to be OK on Nashville? — Meg
Yes, if Noah (Derek Hough) has anything to do with it. Wednesday's episode will pick up moments after Juliette collapsed in his arms, with Noah "trying to take care of her and look after her," Hough says. Noah will also go to great lengths to keep Juliette's baby news hush-hush from everyone else. "He wants her to know that she can trust him, so he's gonna try to keep it on the down-low," the Dancing with the Stars pro says. "But that's easier said than done."

I can't wait for The Comeback! How will the show address the nine-year gap between seasons? — Alan

Short answer: It doesn't. But you'll get glimpses of some of Valerie Cherish's recent gigs, including a botched attempt to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I guess that explains the cameos by Bravo's Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump. Note to (your)self, you need to see that!

I'm worried about Lincoln on The 100Please tell me he'll be OK!  Lyla 
Unfortunately, it sounds like you'll soon have even more reason to worry. "Episode 3 ends with Lincoln getting reaped into the mountain and tagged for the Cerberus project," creator Jason Rothenberg says, noting the name of the project is a clue to its intentions. For those not up on their Greek mythology, Cerberus is a three-headed dog who guards the exit to the underworld. But what exactly could the Reapers and Mountain Men be guarding?

Can I have some Goldbergs scoop, please? — Jenni
You mean besides their Ferris Bueller episode?! Pops moves in on Wednesday's episode after a Halloween fire at his place (damn those flaming pumpkin shots!), but Murray would rather he stay in a senior center, which has Bev fretting about who would take care of her in her AARP years. Oh, and not to bury the lede, but Big Tasty is back! Lyrics include shout-outs to Joanie and Chachi, and Turner & Hooch!

I'm pretty much hooked on Gracepoint. Have any clues about what's coming up? — Lucas
Although's Thursday's episode will unearth some shady history involving Nick Nolte's Jack Reinhold, the cops also take a more probing look at Kevin Rankin's Father Paul. (There's also something very odd going on with Jacki Weaver's character.) By the end of the hour, one of those three will seem much guiltier than the rest. But the case will become even more complicated when Danny's mom shrugs off Carver and Miller's gag order and starts talking to the media.

I can't believe it's only a few weeks until White Collar's final season! What can you tease? — Jason
There will be a bit of role reversal during the show's final run when it is revealed that Peter, not Neal, is keeping a big secret from everyone. And despite Neal's skills at learning top-secret intel, he actually won't be the first person to find out what Peter is hiding.

I'm so sad that Will and Sam called it quits on About a Boy! Will there be any new loves in his life?  — Victoria
It doesn't sound like it — but it won't simply be because of his broken heart. "Will has serious money problems this season," David Waltonsays. "His past life of doing nothing and spending whatever he wants comes to a crashing halt, so that sort of interferes with his dating. He doesn't quite know how to operate when he can't spend money. So, in order to find women, he'll have to be employed." Based on his track record, he might be single a while!

Mega Rave: Kudos to The Walking Dead for not dragging out that Terminus/cannibals story line forever and to Andrew Lincoln for a very convincing portrayal of dead-eyed brutality that lets us know exactly where Rick's head is at.

Mini Rant: It's a shame it took something this disturbing to finally make TLC stop Honey Boo Boo.

This Week's Recommendation: The McCarthys (Thursday at 9:30/8:30c, CBS) It's not a perfect show (it could use more current pop-culture references than The Closer, for example), but CBS' latest multicamera family sitcom works because of the chemistry of the cast, led by the great Laurie Metcalf. This one has potential.

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