Emily Deschanel, Katharine McPhee, Mark Harmon Emily Deschanel, Katharine McPhee, Mark Harmon

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Can't wait for Bones to come back in April! Got any scoop until then? — Gina
One of Brennan's books is being turned into a film, and wouldn't you like to know who Hollywood has chosen to play our blood-and-guts lovers? You will, when a murder on set brings Booth and Bones and their movie alter egos together. Booth's stand-in is an action star whose stunts aren't limited to filming. It seems his criminal history of drug use and assault are just attempts to make headlines on TMZ. The actress playing Brennan? Well, she's kind of a slut. No thanks, poetic license; we'll stick with the originals.

So Ivy won the role of Marilyn Monroe on Smash. But Katharine McPhee is in all those commercials! Safe to say that's not permanent casting? — Lucy
You're definitely on to something there, Lucy. Whether or not she winds up in the role of Norma Jean, Karen is going to be sticking around for a while — as a member of the show's chorus (ouch). Obstacle No. 1: How can she win over the super-savvy (and Ivy-loving) Broadway guys and gals with whom she now rehearses every day? For starters, don't go home to Iowa and sing "Redneck Woman," Karen.

How will Gibbs be different now that he has reflected on his life in NCIS' 200th episode? — Henry
Executive producer Gary Glasberg says Gibbs has perhaps shed some of the guilt he carried over his wife's death, which may open him up to new relationships. As luck would have it, Jamie Lee Curtis' first episode is Feb. 21! Her character, psychiatrist Samantha Ryan, "knows how to get inside people's heads and she knows how to spar with Gibbs," Glasberg says. "She's willing to challenge him on a professional level, which will then carry over into other things." Other things? "You can't keep [characters] alone forever!" Glasberg teases. I hope Gibbs loves/needs Activia.

I still can't believe Desperate Housewives is ending. Please give me some scoop to help me grieve. —Jennifer
Let's connect some dots: Carlos is in rehab, so he's not working, which means the Solis family isn't making any money. Does this mean Gaby will have to get a job? It's looking increasingly likely that the former model-turned-housewife will have to join the workforce — which is great, because we all know how much Gaby loves putting her nose to the grindstone.

What can you tell me about the end of Castle's two-parter? — Ellen
How about a cryptic hint from creator Andrew W. Marlowe? "Hang on to the end, because we have a couple of surprises in store," he says. "There's a revelation about Castle that should be interesting for fans." We hear it's connected to the mystery surrounding Castle's absent father — who may have had a behind-the-scenes role in his son's future successes.

When is Alaric going to do something other than drink and flirt with Meredith on The Vampire Diaries? — Sam
To be fair, Alaric has lost both his wife and girlfriend to the blood-suckers, so we'll give him a pass on the nascent alcoholism. But we'll soon learn more about his vampire-hunting days, which may help us to figure out why Elena trusts him so blindly. "A lot more of his past will be revealed," Matt Davis says. "Things that he's been struggling with will be purged and come into clarity for him."

What's going to happen on How I Met Your Mother now that Ted told Robin he loves her? — Alex
I don't think it's going to go very well. Why else would Barney be setting Ted up on a series of "palate-cleansing" dates? Each girl Ted goes out with couldn't be more different from Robin — one is a hippie and another is a blinged-out hip-hop chick. But in Ted's mind, they're all just painful reminders of Robin — literally.

Got any scoop on Private Practice's Charlotte and Cooper? — Jameson
Erica's illness will begin to strain Charlotte and Cooper's relationship. "The amount of time that Cooper is dedicating to Mason is time that he's not dedicating to his marriage," Paul Adelstein tells us. "That takes its toll. Even though it's done for the right reasons, the relationship is still being neglected. As understanding as Charlotte is about that, it's still a disconnection and there are ramifications from that."

Any Suburgatory spoilers? — Beth
Who wants to meet Tessa's mom? She's long wondered about the daughter she left behind, and she's finally ready to attempt to repair the relationship. The bad news: Although she's tried to become a better, stronger person, she's still a neurotic mess.

I'm so glad Juliet wasn't really raped by Mr. Carpenter on Ringer! Will the trio actually get away with their plan? — Lana
Who said it's just a trio? Just remember, with that many schemers splitting that much money, expect some people to get so greedy they'll do just about anything to get the others' shares.

I love A Gifted Man. What's coming up for Anton now that he's been shot? — Lisa
Can a gunshot cause jealousy? Because Anton's feelings about Dr. Zeke and Christina's fledgling relationship will take a wild turn in coming episodes. "You'll see another triangle develop, and the wonderful, kind Anton might change a bit," executive producer Neal Baer teases. "He has a neurological condition from the shooting that changes his whole demeanor." Evil Anton? We're in!

What's coming up on Spartacus? — Derek
Is Lucretia out of mourning already? The widowed domina will be getting very cozy with a new man — a Roman, not a slave this time — during a decadent party held at the former House of Batiatus. Could this be one of the love interests Lucy Lawless teased?

Natalie's Mega Rave: Lost alum Emilie de Ravin was a great casting choice to play Belle on Once Upon a Time, especially since we learned that Belle in Storybrooke has been locked up in a mental ward. Anyone else crossing their fingers for a squirrel baby cameo?

Adam's Mini Rant: Hey Grammys, next time you reunite The Beach Boys, please leave Maroon 5 out of it. As Adele would say, fanks a lot.

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