Alex O’Loughlin, Mariska Hargitay, David Boreanaz Alex O’Loughlin, Mariska Hargitay, David Boreanaz

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Would love any Hawaii Five-0 scoop you can offer. — AmyN, via Twitter
McGarrett and Catherine will head to the Middle East for an off-the-grid mission that goes awry, leaving McGarrett injured and forced to make a heartbreaking decision.

Should we be worried about Benson and Cassidy on SVU? — Raul
Yep! I'm hearing that a breakup in the works, but who instigates it will surprise you. (Hint: It's probably not a good sign that Dean Winters just joined the cast of CBS' Battle Creek.) 

Got any new spoilers on Bones— Tim 
Freddie Prinze Jr.'s CIA agent Danny Beck returns Monday to help Booth investigate a murder that suggests that a believed-dead Afghani terrorist is still alive. But why is Danny lying about a personal connection he has to the victim? 

Are Alex and Jo really breaking up on Grey's Anatomy? — Liana
It sure looks like it, and Alex is not happy about it, as the powers that be will soon discover. "The hypocrisy involved with these people enforcing rules on us and they're all shagging each other when you turn your back, it's not right," Justin Chambers tells me. "He feels like it's unjust."

Big fan of The Mindy Project. I want some good Danny-and-Mindy news STAT! — Tanya
Danny and Mindy are moving in together... sort of! When Mindy thinks about moving, Danny offers to let her stay in his second apartment to test things out, but mostly it's because he's nervous that whatever new home she lands in will take her away from being his morning-commute buddy. Aw.

What's coming up on Castle? — Jonah
Get ready to meets Capt. Gates' sister! Eureka star Salli Richardson-Whitfield will play Elizabeth Weston, a U.S. Attorney with ties to Castle and Beckett's latest murder. "We end up with a victim who it turns out is a confidential informant for the U.S. Attorney's office," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. But don't expect a lot of sisterly love during the investigation; they're apparently estranged. "Gates doesn't talk about her," Marlowe says.

I can't believe Tom is not really Liz's husband on The Blacklist! — Kyle
You better believe it! Agent Keen will turn to "Tom"'s "older brother" to get the truth about his background. Unfortunately, there is something not right about Liz's "brother-in-law" either. (So many quotes of doubt!) In fact, he may have a connection to Jolene.

So glad The Americans is back. Do you have any scoop? — Dina
An upcoming episode, titled "ARPANET," explores the precursor to the Internet. "At the time when it was first created, the military was on there, the universities were on there and the scientists were on there and there was no security," executive producer Joel Fields says. "Anybody who had access to it had access to everything." And guess who has access to it? The KGB.

What the heck is going on with Revolution? — Jon
We'll learn pretty quickly where Aaron is, how he got there and why he's seeing dead people. One in particular will represent Aaron's worst nightmare. And when he wakes up from it, the horror will continue.

If you talk about Once Upon a Time, please let it not be about relationships for once. —Hector, via Twitter
Fine, Hector! You want to learn more about Snow White's family? "We'll see a little bit of King Leopold when he was younger," executive producer Adam Horowitz says, adding that the then-prince will cross paths with characters we already know. Plus: We'll learn a lot more about Snow's ill-fated mother.

Can someone please help me understand who The Travelers are and what their point is on The Vampire Diaries? — Carrie
I feel the same way! My colleague Robyn Ross asked executive producer Caroline Dries to explain. "What we've been trying to do with The Travelers is keep this undercurrent of danger through the whole season, but not quite explain what they're doing because — shocker! — it will impact all the characters in a negative way," she says. "[Near the end] of this season they'll make their agenda known and their leader will come forth."

Grimm is getting good! What can you tell me about Adalind's little Hexen-baby? — Erica
After giving birth, Adalind's powers as a Hexenbiest return as promised, and the child's powers that were hinted at in utero continue to manifest themselves in interesting ways. Over in Portland, the P.D. will investigate its own mother-and-child problem, e.g., someone's eating babies!

Mega Rave: Only Leslie Knope could come up with a gift as ingenious as the Iron Throne for the man who once bought a Batman costume to treat himself. Glad to see you back, Parks and Recreation.

Mini Rant: If How I Met Your Mother actually ends with The Mother having been dead this whole time, then I will officially lose all faith in romantic comedy.

This week's recommendation: Scandal (Thursday, 10/9c on ABC) If you thought the twist at the end of last week was intense, just wait until you hear Andrew and Mellie's backstory. Their relationship was more than just a simple crush. It was far more, ahem, scandalous.  

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(Additional reporting by Adam Bryant, Hanh Nguyen, Liz Raftery and Robyn Ross)