Although Bones will once again be writing star Emily Deschanel's pregnancy into the series, viewers shouldn't expect a retread of Season 7.

"It has to be different from the last one," creator Hart Hanson tells, adding that, for starters, the pregnancy will be played for more laughs than last time around. "She is really pregnant, so we have to make a meal out of the fact that she's very, very pregnant." However, that doesn't mean it will be all laughs. In fact, there will be extra challenges. "She sailed through her last pregnancy," Hanson says. "She's going to find out that not all pregnancies are the same."

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The show is also mixing it up for its latest serial killer, which will threaten the team in the upcoming second half of Season 10. "Our other serial killers have existed for great, huge arcs, so they've had to be quite complex," Hanson says. "This serial killer does not stick around for very long, so that killer's motivations are a little more clear and not as bizarre as we've had before."

Fortunately, the show will balance out the danger with a winking bit of levity for the show's 206th episode. "[That's] as many bones as there are in the human body," Hanson says. "We're having some fun with that. Every bone in the human body will be mentioned in Episode 206." How humerus!

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