Emily Deschanel by Eric Ogden/Fox; Rocky Carroll by Eric McCandless/CBS; Katherine Heigl by Bob D'Amico/ABC Emily Deschanel by Eric Ogden/Fox; Rocky Carroll by Eric McCandless/CBS; Katherine Heigl by Bob D'Amico/ABC

Senior editors Matt Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions.

Tell me that Hart Hanson is not seriously thinking of having Booth's brother, Jared, and Bones get into a relationship with each other. Sharon
"Relationship" can be such a nasty word. Brennan most certainly will be attracted to the upstanding Navy officer, I am assured, and he to her. But really, how en fuego can these two get in just the two episodes Brendan Fehr is signed on for? I need at least four outings to get my own mojo working.

Now that we know the paper NCIS' Vance shredded is important, I'm curious, does its significance relate to the content of the document actually shredded on screen (it can be read in large part if you pause on it on HD), or will it relate to something different? Michele
In this video from TV Guide's after-Emmys party, Rocky Carroll confirms that the doc contained "top-secret information that could be incriminating for Vance. He decided that if he's going to be moving up, he'd better get rid of [it]." And no, that didn't answer your question. But this will: A well-placed mole tells me that the important part of the paper - yes, the prop was real! - isn't visible, even on HD.

Is there any hope for some Alex/Izzie romance in the new season of Grey's Anatomy? - Layla
I spied the season premiere the other day, and - at least in that episode - the simple answer is "yes," there is hope. But as with most things in Shondaland, the real answer is much more complicated. (That's what you get when half of the couple is profoundly self-destructive.)

I thought the second episode of Fringe was better than the first! Any scoop? - Andrew
When I spoke to Anna Torv recently, I half-seriously asked her if Olivia was ever going to crack a smile. She told me that a future episode may help explain her staid demeanor, as we'll meet her family.

I'm hoping for some Smallville or How I Met Your Mother info.... - Paul
Smallville, in a sec. As for Mother, on Wednesday I served up exclusive casting news about Robin's father, who always wanted his little one to be a boy. That will be evidenced by, yes, a series of flashbacks to Robin's youth, but also her "unusual" middle name.

Gossip Girl has been soooo good so far. Please give me an idea of what's next! Jenny
I agree, no sophomore slump for this sexy and sassy show! Coming soon: Dan is offered the job of a lifetime, but only if he digs up dirt on someone very close to him. Elsewhere, a surprising person considers asking for a divorce from his/her parents.

Is there any word on a Season 2 of Swingtown? - Wendy
Officially, no, though when we spoke to Grant Show at TV Guide's after-Emmys party, he indicated that he might remain rid of his porno 'stache for good. "CBS and [producer] Paramount have been trying hard to find a home [on cable] for the show," he told us, "but I don't think it's going to happen."

We know that Erica Durance attended TV Guide's Emmys after-party. Did you have the opportunity to talk to her/dig up more scoop? Gaby
Ooh, salt, fresh wound. Yes, I got Erica and her physics-defying dress on video, but it somehow vanished into the ether. (Or maybe she is a genie...?) Two things I recall her saying: In lieu of The Kiss, "smoldering" Clois moments are to come, and the rumor that Smallville is ceding its time slot to Reaper after Episode 10 was news to her. From other sources, I confirmed that Lois will briefly gain "powers" at some point this season, but no, she doesn't engage in a killing spree (as one Buzz reader suggested).

Is there any way to see episodes of True Blood online, or do we have to wait for the DVD? - Stephanie
Pardon the bad vampire pun, but the answer sucks. As with most pay-cable nets, the only option - for now - seems to be catching it via HBO's On Demand service. But stay tuned for possible iTunes-related updates.

I haven't heard any Brothers & Sisters scoop lately. Got anything good? Cecilia
As you may have since gleaned from this Emmys red-carpet vid with Matthew Rhys, Kevin is going to have his hands full this season, dealing with health issues (as well as the usual Walker family insanity).

Any tips for the Oct. 3 series premiere of Sanctuary? - Nicolas
Sci-fi nerd/high priestess Erin Fox tells me that you should keep an eye out for well-known literary figures to cameo on the time-traveling fantasy series. For example, that patient named Jack? He's got a killer of a back story.

I'm loving the new show Privileged, but spoilers are almost non-existent. What do they have up their sleeves? Amy
Because you share my love for Jo's new CW series (yes, I get to call her "Jo"), I give you this super-juicy scoop: Laurel (played by Anne Archer) has a big secret in her past and one that Megan will come upon in a most un-Meganlike way. Oh, and one of the twins finds herself in a "roofie" situation - with a surprising outcome.

Matt's Mega Emmys Rave: Forgetting for a moment the utterly abysmal telecast, let's celebrate this year's Emmy winners who were so deserving of kudos. Glenn Close. Jean Smart. Zeljko Ivanek. Jeff Probst. I single out those four "long shots" because their wins led me to come away with the most correct predictions among 22 pundits surveyed by GoldDerby.com. Yep, I even bested him. And if that's not rave-worthy, what is?

Mickey's Mini Emmys Rant: Working backstage at the Emmys meant I couldn't actually watch the telecast. Despite the bad reviews, I really want to see those favorite-quote and theme-song segments. Anyone got any illegal YouTube links for me?

Reader Quote of the Week: "I hope they have a nice, long and happy relationship until they are inevitably broken up by Anne Heche or Denise Richards or something." ( TV Gord, on the rumored romance 'tween Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson)

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