David Boreanaz by Art Streiber/Fox; Jennifer Love Hewitt by Vivian Zink/CBS; William Petersen by Robert Voets/CBS David Boreanaz by Art Streiber/Fox; Jennifer Love Hewitt by Vivian Zink/CBS; William Petersen by Robert Voets/CBS

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions!

Can you confirm the Bones gossip that there will be a kiss between our favorite non-couple in the Season 4 episode "Crank in the Shaft"? - Magali
I can neither confirm nor deny the buzz - else risk penalty of death - but I will cryptically say this: It's best not to focus on this one episode in particular. There are lots of surprises planned for this season.

Do you have any scoop on Ghost Whisperer? I heard that David Conrad (Jim) is leaving the show. Is it true? - Zach
Everywhere I turned, your buzz on David/Melinda's hubby was met with people-in-the-know exclaiming, "Hogwash!" (I mean, didn't Close to Home already make that mistake?) As for other scoop.... Did you know that the gorgeous brunette from She's All That is buds with the gorgeous brunette from Can't Hardly Wait? 'Tis true - on Ghost Whisperer, at least. Rachael Leigh Cook will be guesting as a former(and apparently way more popular) high school pal of Melinda's who enlists the Whisperer when a mutual acquaintance dies.

I just read about William Petersen leaving CSI. Please tell me that Gil is simply going to go lecture again, like last time. - Kim
CBS is keeping a very tight lid on how exactly Grissom will depart, other than leaving open the option for him to return periodically. Our own Matt Roush is reporting that Petersen's remaining episodes will deal partly with the aftermath of Warrick's shooting, perhaps indicating that Gil's departure will not be as simple as another turn on the lecture circuit, emotionally speaking.

Is there anything you can tell us about Dirty Sexy Money? - Laura
Why have me tell you when actual cast members can instead? As revealed in our TCA red-carpet interviews with Peter Krause, Blair Underwood and Seth Gabel, 1) Nick may cave in and act on his undying attraction to Karen; 2) Simon's anti-Darlings agenda may be thrown for a loop when real emotions get involved, and 3), Jeremy will have double the trouble to make with twin sis Juliet AWOL, and he'll be juggling two women ( Lucy Liu's attorney and Nick's wife, Lisa).

Will Bones ever revisit the Gravedigger story from Season 2? Brennan and Hodgins were buried alive, for crying out loud! Wouldn't they be devoting a bit more of their time to catching this guy? - Rachael
Good memory! My source tells me that the writers will be exploring storylines involving the Gravedigger this season.

Jacqueline Pinol returning to CSI: NY is the best news ever. Is Rikki going to come back with Danny's bun in the oven? - K.C.
Any news for us (disappointed) Danny/Lindsay fans in the face of the return of Rikki? - Gaelen K.
Do with this information as you will, you warring 'shippers: Pinol is back for more than one episode, and perhaps as many as four. That would sound to me like Rikki and Danny have a lot to catch up on. (Look at me swat the hornets' nest!)

Although the writing could use some of that Gilmore Girls/Amy Sherman-Palladino snap, I find The Secret Life of the American Teenager's Amy so endearing that I continue to watch. Any scoops? - Kelly
Kelly, your fandom has already paid dividends, as ABC Family has ordered up 13 additional episodes of the series. Until we discover exactly how long it will take for Amy's pregnancy to play out in TV-time, check out Mitovich's video Q&A with Kenny Baumann and Shailene Woodley (aka Ben and Amy), who tell you what to be (wink) "expecting." And here's more from Daren Kagasof and Francia Raisa (Ricky and Adrian).

Where's the scoop on Supernatural? I've heard one rumor about Dean, and that's it! What about Sam and his powers? Must... have... scoop. - Caroline
Surely you read the other day my exclusive about the waitress helping Sam lick his wounds in the season opener. I have since learned that further down the line, the lad will face down no less than Dracula (or at least a killer who is, like, really, really, really obsessed with the bloodsucker).

Have you heard anything about DVD releases for two of my favorite shows, Journeyman and Cane? - Erik R.
Gord of TVShowsonDVD.com has heard "nothing at all." (And Gord is none too happy either, as he was hoping to catch up on the J-man himself.)

What happened to the last segments of Men in Trees? I thought that even though they cancelled it, they were going to finish out the season. mdash; Pam
As planned, a series finale did air June 11, and it offered a decent amount of closure, save for Annie, like, totally dissing Patrick. On a side note, ABC.com briefly (and accidentally!) posted the non-finale version which left some doors wide open. You can catch that on the DVD set that will never happen.

Was The Game picked up for a third season? - Game Fan
Yep, Season 3 premieres Friday, Oct. 3. More good news: CW chief Dawn Ostroff specifically cited her confidence in The Game's growing audience during her session at the TCA press tour, so it seems they're giving it room to develop.

Since Big Shots was canceled, can you tell me if Michael Vartan has been picked up for any shows this fall? - Beth
Any TV shows? Nope. But Vaughn Michael did just book a feature film. In Demoted, he and David Cross will play chauvinistic salesmen demoted to secretaries at their tire store.

I saw your post mentioning Danny, Delinda and their baby appearing in the background of Knight Rider. I think I know how this rumor got started - [Las Vegas creator/Knight Rider show runner] Gary Scott Thompson joked about it in our interview [at ShadowyFlight.com]. - Neil
And Thompson told the crowd the very same thing at Knight Rider's TCA panel but my source is saying something different, that it wasn't always presented as a joke. Either way, it's not going to happen.

I can't think of anything witty to preface my question, so I'm going straight in - any scoop on Life? - Bernadette
A lot of fans scratched their heads when Crews tracked down the real murderer in the season finale. Where do you go from there? I'm told that Season 2, which bows on Sept. 29, makes it clear that the murderer was just a hired hand. The real forces of evil have yet to be revealed. Also, count on getting four new episodes in Life's first two weeks back, as NBC doubles-up with airings Monday and Friday at 10 pm/ET.

Have any info regarding The 4400? It usually comes out every summer, but I haven't seen anything about it. - Elizabeth
In the words of the immortal poets of Bananarama, this summer will be a cruel one for you, Elizabeth, as USA canceled the show way back in December.

Matt's Mega Rave: It was a lot of work (Aus warned me about that) and the quality sleep was scarce, but working with Mickey to cover the meat of the TCA press tour this past week was quite the rush. When I wasn't rubbing up against fab stars on the red carpet (literally, if by accident, in the case of Eliza Dushku), I had the immense pleasure of taking the video crew to the sets of three very cool shows. (Clue No. 1: The Buy More smells just like Best Buy!) Watch for those exclusive behind-the-scenes videos as the fall season draws closer. Mickey, how did it go after I headed home to tend to my rugrats...?

Mickey's Mini Rant: My first TCA tour was also a fun ride - what, Tina Fey is my new BFF? - yet there were moments when I didn't really need to see how the TV sausage gets made. Case in point: The panel for Coolio Rules, a fun-looking Oxygen show in which the rapper reconnects with his four teenaged children and (seriously) starts a catering business, was no Gangsta's Paradise. Among the cringiest of moments, Coolio said that he loves "hos" and brings home "loose" women so that his daughters know how not to behave. (Selfless!) He also announced that said daughters are all virgins. I thought of Oxygen's new tagline - "Living Out Loud" - and said softly to myself: Not so loud!

Reader Quote of the Week: "I love this show, and I never miss a season, but instead of Dancing with the Stars, they may need to start calling it "Dancing with People Who Are Celebrities for Some Totally Unknown Reason"! ( kittybiddy, on the rumor that Kim Kardashian may bring her assets to the dance floor this season)

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