Alex O'Loughlin, Marcia Cross, David Boreanaz Alex O'Loughlin, Marcia Cross, David Boreanaz

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When will Bones wrap up the sniper story arc? — Jeff
: Executive producer Stephen Nathan promises that the hunt for Jacob Broadsky will be resolved in this season's penultimate episode. Helping (or hurting?) Booth and Brennan will be a female twentysomething special agent whose inexperience ultimately puts Booth directly in Broadsky's crosshairs.

Can you tell us anything about Bree's new love interest on Desperate Housewives? —Regina
Love interest might be too strong a word for now. We know that Jonathan Cake plays a cop, but like all cops, he's always investigating something — which is how the pair initially meets. In his digging, he'll be asking himself why Bree, a suburban widow, needs a gun. He'll also wonder how she makes her money, and his chief hypothesis will be enough to make Bree clutch her pearls — and her Smith & Wesson.

Got any good scoop about Hawaii Five-0? Is Jenna Kaye going to hang around for a while? — Susan
That's the plan. In fact, she might be taking Chin Ho's place on the team! I'm hearing that the final episodes of the season will reopen the matter of Chin's unjust removal from the police force, and that he may finally get the reinstatement he deserves. Will he be able to turn down their juicy offer?

What's the scoop on the Grey's Anatomy musical episode? — Emma
Well, first of all, read this. Obviously, the question of whether Callie's unborn child with Mark will survive the accident is a major question of the episode. "Maybe Callie getting pregnant with Mark's child isn't really an accident in the bigger picture," Sara Ramirez says. "This child may teach Callie, Arizona, and Mark something they had no idea they needed to learn and grow from."

I need some Criminal Minds scoop. Anything on Morgan? — April
I've learned exclusively that Charmed star Denise Dowse, who you might remember played the Angel of Destiny, will play Morgan's aunt in an upcoming episode. She is haunted by the mysterious loss of her daughter, and when some unidentified bodies are found in Florida, she calls on Morgan in hopes that his team can finally give her some closure.

Will Skeet Ulrich's death on Law & Order: L.A. be in vain? Will they at least catch the guy? — Brett
Not right away, but it is that death that brings Ricardo Morales (Alfred Molina) back to the police force — so we're guessing it will eventually be addressed. First, though, Morales will take on the case of a family whose patriarch (White Collar's Tim DeKay) is locked in the bathroom while his loved ones are slaughtered.

I love NCIS: Los Angeles. Got any details about the end of the season? — Tyler
The show is hoping to land a big name actress for three episodes before the season's up. The character in question is described as a no-nonsense natural leader, who despite rarely letting her guard down, is actually vulnerable and deeply caring. The question is: For whom will she be letting her guard down?

Any Nurse Jackie scoop? — Kyle
Further complicating Jackie's life this season is Kelly (Gbenga Akinnagbe), a charismatic new nurse at All Saints. Kelly immediately wins over the nursing staff with his tales of his work in Haiti and proves to be immune to Jackie's authority. "This is a guy that she's not going to be able to win over. He's not just going to fall in line," executive producer Liz Brixius says. On the other hand, he really needs everyone, including Jackie, to like him. "He's not what he seems," she teases.

Blue Bloods scoop, please! — Amy
Jamie needs a love interest, right? The youngest Reagan will get his shot when he's assigned to protect the daughter of a greedy mortgage company CEO with a long list of enemies. The sparks between bodyguard and protectee are instant. Let's just hope Jamie can keep her alive.

Got any scoop on Pretty Little Liars? — Diane
The girls are heading to group therapy with Anne Sullivan, an extremely stylish and smart therapist who tries to convince Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna that her office is a safe haven, but who is perplexed by their erratic behavior.

What can you tell me about Justified?Jake
The next two episodes are absolutely not to be missed. Margo Martindale absolutely steals the show as Mags Bennett, but don't let all that flash distract you from the upcoming death of a recurring character.

I love Big Bang Theory. What's coming up? — Marisa
The ladies will be throwing another girl's night — but does it count if Sheldon crashes the party? It all balances out when Wolowitz's mother ends up in the hospital, and Sheldon accidentally crashes the infectious-disease isolation room.

Natalie's Mega Rave: Who would've guessed that The Office's Michael Scott would make us cry? His heartfelt, hilarious proposal to Holly Flax was the high point of Steve Carell's run on the NBC series. Even though it wasn't perfect, sprinklers and all nothing could have been more fitting as the catalyst for Carell's sendoff.

Adam's Mini Rant: It's going to take lots of 10 counts for me to get over my disappointment about the cancellation of Lights Out. I can only hope to see more of Holt McCallany again very soon.

(Additional reporting by Denise Martin and Kate Stanhope)

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