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When is Brennan finally going to wake up and see what she's missing with Booth on Bones? — Sara
Sooner than you think. In the midseason finale, Brennan investigates the murder of a workaholic, and Bones quickly draws parallels to her own life. "She's forced to face feelings that she's never had to deal with before," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "She confronts the fact that this woman was running her whole life from feeling anything and she has to confront whether she's going to run her whole life from feeling anything. It butts right up against her relationship with Booth and the past five years of history."

I'm so excited about Episode 10 of Desperate Housewives. Please give me some hints about it. — Dean
TNT may have people buzzing about Dallas again, but it's Desperate Housewives that will pay homage to the classic soap by asking: "Who shot Paul Young?" Naturally, everyone on Wisteria Lane is a suspect, but most of the residents have rock-solid alibis. Will anyone corroborate the story of Felicia Tillman's operative, who will be exposed in the aftermath?

Is Castle going to revisit the story of Beckett's mother's murder this season? — Houston
  That's the plan for one of the show's January episodes, and executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe expects it to be a blockbuster. "There will be some closure; we'll have some understanding as to exactly why Joanna Beckett was killed," Marlowe teases. "The audience will find out how high the conspiracy goes and the elements that we're dealing with. I think it can provide us with an interesting insight into [future] storytelling."

Is there a marriage proposal coming up on Grey's Anatomy? — Monica
Yes, but not from whom you'd expect. A penniless patient of Dr. Webber's, played by Scott Foley, will pop the question to his girlfriend. He loves her, but he loves her health insurance more. You see, he's dying, and after multiple surgeries, he's also broke. Just when the hospital is about to kick him out, Teddy decides to take on his case pro bono. Maybe romance will be a factor after all.

When A.J. Cook left Criminal Minds, they gave her a very classy send-off. Will they do the same for Paget Brewster or will they just blow her up? — Erin
It's still a little early to tell, but you might be right to worry, Erin. I'm hearing that the show is looking to cast a recurring character described as a dangerous, threatening European — the ultimate bad guy. And the character's story line relates specifically to Agent Prentiss. Eek!

Will Astor and Cody ever return to Dexter? — Carl 
In this week's episode, appropriately titled "Teenage Wasteland," Astor and a new friend from Orlando run away and wind up on Dexter's doorstep. Does this mean she's forgiven him? Executive producer Sara Colleton says at the very least, the two will talk. "Dexter is cast in this unfamiliar position of advising runaway teenage girls on their behavior," she says. "He ends up solving their problem in a very Dexter-like fashion that our audiences will find very satisfying."

O'Loughlin was really cocky with Rigsby on The Mentalist. Is he going to stick around for long? I really want to see Rigsby and Van Pelt back together! — Michela
No such luck, Michela. Creator Bruno Heller says that Van Pelt and O'Loughlin are going to get even cozier, and that Rigsby will have more trouble hiding his displeasure at work. "It becomes a distraction that brings a lot of tension into the office," Heller says, adding that Rigsby will ease his pain with a revolving door of romantic partners. "He's going to start looking for a way to get out from under that relationship, but it's hard. It's going to be both funny and touching to watch him try."

Who was in that picture Marcus threatened Hobbes (Charles Mesure) with in the V finale? — Kristin
MICKEY: That's Sarah, Hobbes' ex-lover. That means while Hobbes has been fighting for the humans, he's also been sabotaging them in order to protect Sarah. "[Hobbes is] trying to support the resistance, but he's trying to keep Sarah alive," Mesure says. "So there will be some shady dealings going on."

With the new focus on Jo on CSI: NY, what's up with Lindsay and Danny? — Laurie
Executive producer Pam Veasey says the show is taking a momentary step back from Danny-Lindsay stories, but for good reason: "They had a lot going on when we opened the season. Their daughter was in the arms of a criminal!" she says. "Right now, we're just happy with where they are and with keeping them happy. We didn't want any drastic bumps in their relationship." But speaking of Jo, look for her and Lindsay to offer dissenting opinions when the team investigates a rape.

Any scoop on Better With You? —Kyle  
What if I told you that Maddie and Ben's "valid life choice" line is just an excuse to cover up a secret, that they were actually once engaged? So how did Ben pop the question? It looks a little something like this.

What's coming up on Community? — Alex
Are you ready to meet Pierce's dad? The show is on the lookout for an actor resembling Chevy Chase to play Pierce Sr., who will appear in some old commercial footage for Hawthorne Wipes. Sadly, when Pierce discovers the footage, he also learns that his dad chose to cast another boy as his son for the ad.

What's ahead on Smallville? — Brian
A new villain is coming to town. The producers are looking for a chiseled young man to play a recurring character who begins to realize his special abilities after a freak accident. (Don't they all?) Though he idolizes Clark, a darkness within will eventually put him at odds with the future Man of Steel.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Bravo to Weeds for finally holding Nancy accountable for her sins. Not only did she ensure her family's safety by sending them away, possibly forever, but under the threat of leaving baby Stevie motherless in the care of a drug overlord, she lied to the FBI and said that she killed Pilar. How do you think Nancy will look in an orange jumpsuit?  

Adam's Mini Rant: Hey, Hawaii Five-0, I get that you're an "action procedural," but the small-scale war (Molotov cocktails!) that McGarrett staged on his front lawn was a little much. His neighbors must love him.

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(Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams and Kate Stanhope)