In a sneak peek at the end of Thursday's The Blacklist, we saw just how far Tom was willing to go to save Liz.

Just when things were looking grim for Liz (Megan Boone) during her murder trial, Tom (Ryan Eggold) will arrive — shaved head and all — to make the ultimate sacrifice and take the fall for her. Brought in by Red, Tom Keen is the next official Blacklister. Unfortunately, his grand gesture may not be so well received. "She thinks of him as a very dangerous person now," Boone tells "Anytime he comes into her life from this point on is going to be an extraordinary circumstance — whether he comes into her life seeking redemption.. or if he comes into her life to try and harm her again and try to manipulate her. She's going to be very skeptical. He's going to have reassure her faith in who he is."

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Even though Tom's move will be a good first step — and it's clear that Tom can't leave the memory of Liz behind --the feelings are not quite mutual. "I don't think Tom is at the forefront of her mind, but I do think that she thinks of him in her very few still moments," Boone says. "His presence in her mind is always the question of what [their marriage] was. Once you've been betrayed on that level, it just changes who you are in the world in relationship to everyone. So I think that has affected her and her tendency to shut down when it comes to Reddington and everyone else."

In other words, don't expect make-up sex anytime soon.

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