James Spader, Lana Parilla, Nathan Fillion James Spader, Lana Parilla, Nathan Fillion

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Can you tell me anything about The Blacklist's big post-Super Bowl episode? — Darren
Now that the Berlin story line is wrapped up, the Super Bowl episode will be more of a stand-alone event. But it's shaping up to be an explosion-heavy spectacle — one that kicks off with Red being kidnapped! His abduction, however, could be part of a plan to stay close to the episode's villain (played by Ron Perlman). In fact, Red has a few tricks up his sleeve, one of which will seriously scare Liz.

I can't wait for Maleficent to get back to Storybrooke! Got any scoop for her arc on Once Upon a Time this season? — Annie
You're not the only one! Lana Parrilla, who plays Regina, says that the frenemies will share a "huge" flashback episode that takes place before Maleficent (in dragon form) was defeated by Emma. "Regina and Maleficent have a really interesting history," she says. "You'll see how they met and how they became friends."

If Rick is going to be a P.I. on Castle, will he investigate what happened to him during his disappearance?  — Melissa
I had the same thought, but executive producer David Amann says that when the show revisits that story line in an upcoming two-parter, "it isn't necessarily a function of him being a private eye." So what does cause Castle to think about his missing time? "The case he's involved with that has some emotional intensity ... brushes up against his experiences that occurred while he was missing," Amann says of a murder investigation involving Annie Wersching's 3XK disciple Dr. Kelly Nieman.

Got any more Bones scoop? — Ellen
Look for the back half of the season to be tough for lovebirds Cam and Arastoo, when the latter returns to Iran under very dangerous circumstances. "He goes back because his brother is dying," executive producer Stephen Nathan tells me. "That will come back in a very, very major way later on in the season."

What can you tell me about the midseason finale of Nashville? — Robin D.
Since this is a TV show we're talking about, chances are Rayna and Luke's trip down the aisle won't be a smooth one — especially now that we've caught a glimpse of Luke's insecurity in recent episodes. "I think that Rayna entered into this with her heart open and ready to do it, and had a plan for how that was going to look," executive producer Dee Johnson tells TVGuide.com. "I think that she loves Luke. Whether that's enough remains to be seen." Also causing some fireworks will be Sadie Stone's ex-husband, whom we'll meet in the episode. "They embarked on some version of a career in music together and I think he feels like he has some sense of ownership, in terms of her success," Johnson teases.

I'm already missing Jane the Virgin. What can you tease about what's coming up? — Sara
Look for things to get turned upside-down when a very familiar face on the show suddenly disappears. But before you start drawing comparisons to Luisa's recent "disappearance" — aka her unannounced spiritual quest to Peru — know this: The new vanishing person may not come back at all.

I'm excited for The Following to come back. I don't want to wait until March to find out who was driving that truck in the Season 2 finale! — Tammy
Your patience will be rewarded and that mystery will be cleared up by the end of the season premiere, showrunners Brett Mahoney, Alexi Hawley and Marcos Siega recently told us during a set visit. But as the show shifts its focus away from Joe Carroll — who will be seen in Season 3, but not right away — the important question isn't just who's driving the truck that picked up Mark, but why. "There's a deeper mystery to unravel during the first five episodes," Hawley teases. "There's what's going on in front of you, and there's also hints that there are some deeper conspiracies."

I can't wait for Laurel to become the Black Canary on Arrow! — Jessie
Unfortunately, Laurel's father doesn't share your feelings. "He doesn't really handle it very well," Paul Blackthorne tells us of Lance's reaction to his daughter's evolution. Even if he doesn't approve of her more hands-on approach to crime-fighting, though, he won't try and stop her. "I don't want her doing that, but if I... try and manipulate or control her too much — help her, in his mind — it won't work," Blackthorne says. "He knows that if he pushes her too much, that just has the opposite effect."

Any Criminal Minds scoop? — Brett
Remember JJ's PTSD? She'll turn to Reid as her "sounding board" to get through it, executive producer Erica Messer tells us. "I've always loved their friendship and this will bring them closer together," she says. And don't worry about this triggering any PTSD for Reid — he's doing just fine these days. "Emotionally, he's going to be so invested in JJ's story," she says.

Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries' midseason finale? —  Amy
While much of the episode is about crazy Kai on the loose, the episode's big shocker doesn't involve him at all. Instead, look for some really bad news to bring two people closer than ever. On a slightly more positive note, the episode will feature one of the best scenes between the Salvatore brothers we've had in a long time.  

What familiar faces will be coming back to Gulfhaven to say goodbye on the final season of Cougar Town? — Andre
You can definitely count on a return appearance by Jules' beloved dad Chick. But Jules won't be so psyched to meet his new dinner companion, Betty, especially when she takes a shine to Grayson.

Mega Rave: Though it's sometimes too complicated for its own good, Sons of Anarchy's penultimate episode — anchored by killer performances by Charlie Hunnam and Katey Sagal in their final fatal scene — proved that the show can still be devastatingly effective. Not sure how even the finale can top that.

Mini Rant: Has the stagehand who dosed Christopher Walken with Ambien before Peter Pan Live! been fired yet?

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