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Mega Buzz: Will Norman Kill Again on the Bates Motel Finale?

Plus: Why Dylan-Emma 'shippers will be happy!

Adam Bryant

Last week's episode of Bates Motel ended with Norman (Freddie Highmore) once again having a chat with his jealous "Mother," who stopped Norman just before he could sleep with the recently returned Bradley (Nicola Peltz). And given what we know about Norman in those agitated states, how worried should viewers be for Bradley's safety?

"People should be very worried," executive producer Kerry Ehrin tells TVGuide.com. "Norman is a loose cannon right now; he's spinning out. He is having hard time distinguishing between realities and he's angry at a lot of people. He's been somewhat pushed away by his mom this year. ... so, there's a lot boiling up in him."

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While it remains to be seen if Norman will be able to control his killer instinct, Ehrin promises that the finale will have a huge homage to Psycho -- perhaps the most overt one yet. "[Psycho] is where he's headed," she says. "It was definitely the trajectory of the storytelling. He is falling down a dark hole, and we want the audience to be on the journey with him... and also to be emotionally invested in him."

But there will be at least one bright spot in the finale -- and it should make the recent explosion of Dylan-Emma 'shippers everywhere smile. "The chemistry that's come out of that relationship ... just exploded," Ehrin says with a laugh. "That's one thing that you can't plan on. It's wonderfully hopeful to see these two characters, who we don't really ever get to see be joyful and funny, make each other happy. It's a very meaningful relationship."
What do you think will happen in the Bates Motel finale?

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