Kiefer Sutherland, Mark Feuerstein, David Boreanaz Kiefer Sutherland, Mark Feuerstein, David Boreanaz

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I can't believe they killed President Heller on 24: Live Another Day! What does this mean for Jack? — Jackie
It's safe to assume that Jack's role in Heller's death will mean major drama between Jack and Heller's daughter Audrey. But even though you'd think Audrey could never forgive Jack's betrayal, there may be a glimmer of hope (especially since Audrey's husband also played along with Heller's death wish.) "Jack's question when this is all over is, 'Can he go back with Audrey? Is there a chance for the two of them?'"executive producer Evan Katz says. "In Episode 5, it was pretty clear that the two of them still love each other."

Now that Hank is back in the Hamptons on Royal Pains, does that mean that he and Boris are done? — Deb
Not quite. Hank will travel abroad with the mysterious multi-millionaire to France and Latin America. "Though Hank came back in the season premiere and realized the Hamptons ... is where he wanted to be, he's always going to feel an obligation and commitment to Boris," co-creator and executive producer Andrew Lenchewski says. "Boris has a very serious and a very noble mission that he's on this season, and Hank wants to help him fulfill it." So pack your valise!

Anything on the new season of Bones? Will Booth's wrongful arrest bring out a darker side of him? — Lisa
Not really. Although Booth won't be happy about his time in the clink, he won't lose faith in the system. In fact, he'll be more driven than ever to — with the help of his friends on the outside — preserve it.  "There is no more heinous betrayal in Booth's mind than the corruption of an institution that has been set up for the public good," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "We're really going to be examining patriotism, loyalty to your fellow citizens ... and what the pure vision of the country is. ... Anything that corrupts that is sacrilege to Booth."

Is Sam going to die on Rookie Blue— Kendrick 
Surprisingly, he's not the one you should be worried about! Instead, ask yourself where Nick disappears to after the shooting. (The answer will make new Inspector John Jarvis (Oliver Becker) very testy.) As for how the rest of the gang is faring? Gail does not handle coming out very well and Andy and Dov end up on the wrong side of a robbery while off the clock. Plus: You'll be very surprised by who Chloe first asks to see when she wakes up in the hospital.

Have you seen the Gotham pilot yet? Which of the villains has the biggest part? — Tyler
In the timeframe of this new Batman prequel show, most of the villains you know and love to hate — including Catwoman and Poison Ivy — are, like Bruce Wayne himself, still kiddies. Enter Jada Pinkett Smith as the wholly original gang boss Fish Mooney. And keep your eye on her solicitous but devious aide de camp Oswald Cobblepot (don't call him Penguin!), who has designs on his boss' job. In fact, his transition in the pilot from underworld oddity to bloodthirsty killer suggests that he might be Jim Gordon's biggest nemesis — at least initially.

Any scoop on Revenge's Jack now that he's in jail? — Megan
Jack will quickly be forced to choose whether he'll snitch on someone else to set himself free. "He did something wrong, but there are three other people involved," executive producer Aaron Harberts says. "How far will Jack go to protect Emily and her relationship with Charlotte?" According to Nick Wechsler, pretty far — even to his own detriment. "He's crazy about [Emily] and wants to see justice be done," he says. "His feelings for her will draw him into some morally complex situations."

Covert Affairs scoop, please! — Christine
Season 5 picks up four months later, but Annie has not been back at the DPD during that whole time. When she finally does return to work in the premiere, she'll tell Auggie and Calder where she was, but not what she was doing. (Gotta love a woman of mystery!) Also, be on the lookout for an old face from Season 3 to resurface.

I am really digging Halt and Catch Fire. Got any scoop? —Chase
Joe's team hits a snag on Sunday's episode when, just as Gordon's engineers make a huge breakthrough, Cameron's weeks of work on the computer's code is lost, thanks to a pesky power surge. (Even worse, this all happens while a reporter is in town to write a story about Cardiff Electric's PC of the future.) Ultimately, the team will be forced to call on an unexpected ally to recover the lost work — perhaps at the risk of alienating Cameron for good.

I really loved Severide and Lindsay together on Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. this past year, but is their romance doomed because they're on two different shows? — Angela
Not at all! In fact, you can probably expect more of the hot-and-heavy duo. "We really like the idea of the Severide relationship with Lindsay," executive producer Matt Olmstead says. "It's a unique opportunity to show a relationship that exists on two shows. You have to see both of them and to be able to bounce back and forth in both those worlds."

How is Daniel holding up when Rectify returns? — Gavin
The beating he received in the cemetery leaves Daniel in a coma — one he isn't quite sure he wants to wake up from — that is, until he has a shocking encounter with an old friend. "There's a projection of a conversation Daniel has with a particular person that cannot exist if you don't believe in spirits," Aden Young teases. However, this otherworldly visitor's helpful advice doesn't take hold very quickly. In other words, don't expect to see Daniel up and about anytime soon.

I can't wait for Vikings to return! What's going to be happening in Kattegatt this season? — Bae
Get ready to meet some new faces! The show is casting two major new characters, including the (possibly magical) Harbard, who makes quite an impression on Siggy, Aslaug and Helga while their husbands are overseas.  (Not sure Ragnar, Rollo and Floki are guys we'd want to piss off!) Elsewhere, we'll meet Kalf, the right-hand man Lagertha leaves in charge when she goes to raid with Ragnar. But Lagertha may have underestimated Kalf, who will quickly make himself a major player. In fact, we hear that he could be a central figure in seasons to come.

Now that Mike is back at Gracelandhe and his new hotshot D.C. girlfriend are dunzo, right? — Rita
Wrong! Mike will try to make the long-distance relationship work. "[She] helps him stand in his own shoes a little bit, so it's a really great relationship for Mike," Aaron Tveit says. Then again, Mike will have a hard time shaking that steamy kiss he shared with housemate Paige last season. "They were kind of pulled apart before anything could really happen," Tveit says. "There's a lot of tension — things, romantically, get very complicated very quickly." 

Mega Rave: Tyrion's revenge might be grabbing all the headlines from the Game of Thrones finale, but Arya's heartless reaction to the death of her mentor The Hound was by far the episode's high point.

Mini Rant: No silent clock for President Heller?! For shame, 24!

Suggestion of the Week: Rectify (Thursday at 9/8c on Sundance) If you're not watching, you're missing one of the most poignant, honest dramas on television. This is TV that makes you feel something — it's sad, but good.

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