Mia Butler loves a good makeover. Not only does the host of TBS's Movie & a Makeover list Pretty Woman and Maid in Manhattan ("I'm going to see it 10 more times!") as her all-time favorite Cinderella stories, but she's also looking for a little makeover magic of her own. "I'm always asking my producers if I can have one, and they keep telling me no," Butler says with a laugh. For now, the Atlanta native and former host of BET's entertainment news program NY/LA will have to be content helping others tackle everything from fashion faux pas to decorating disasters in between showings of movies about — you guessed it — makeovers. "I don't care how good your look is," says the twentysomething. "Unless you're Halle Berry or J.Lo, you can always be made over."
TV Guide Online: Why are makeovers so much fun?
Mia Butler:
It's very gratifying to see a makeover change people's lives. We did a show tied to [last year's TV movie] Disappearance and made over an older woman. By the time our experts finished with her, she looked amazing. When her daughter saw her, she burst into tears.

TVGO: Have you stolen some ideas from the show?
Well, I recently moved into a new house, and now it's actually beginning to resemble the set (laughs).

TVGO: Have you taken any props?
I do have one pillow that I took. It was one of our tips for women: Sleep on a satin pillowcase. It helps keep your hair in place overnight. Regular cotton pillows strip the oil out of your hair so when you wake up it looks like cats have been nesting in it.

TVGO: If you could make over anyone, who would it be?
My mother. People tend to stay in the time period they were happiest in. So if you were happiest in 1983, that's the way you continue to dress. I don't know what era she is stuck in, but I think she could get a lot more funky and stylish.

TVGO: What time period do you think you're stuck in?
Thankfully, I never liked the '80s. I'm really happy right now. So I'll have to keep reminding myself not to get stuck. I'll just keep bobbing and weaving.