Corey Harrison, Rick Harrison, and Richard Harrison Corey Harrison, Rick Harrison, and Richard Harrison

Now in its third season, History Channel's buy-and-sell reality series, Pawn Stars (Monday, 10/9c), is hotter than a stolen diamond ring. With help from hock-eyed pawnbroker Rick Harrison—who runs the family business with his pop and son—we got the lowdown on the guys.

Corey Harrison
Corey is the resident pop-culture expert. "The other day, John Mayer wanted to go out to lunch to talk watches and I didn't know who he was and I thought, 'Corey would know!'" says Rick of his son. "But Corey's very business-minded, too."

Rick Harrison
Don't try to pawn off a forgery on Rick. He can spot a counterfeit before a customer walks in the door. "It's amazing some of the stuff they fake nowadays," he says. His trick for spotting a faux watch? "With Rolex, there are no factory seconds. They are perfect. On a fake, there will always be something wrong."

Richard "THE OLD MAN" Harrison
Richard drives a hard bargain and is an expert in the shiny stuff. "He always bought and sold gold, and taught me about it when I was a kid," says Rick of his dad. "In 1981, he went broke in San Diego and moved the whole family to Las Vegas, where he opened up a small secondhand store. We just learned as we went."

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