"A good opportunity at the right time." That's how Eric Dane sums up his four-episode stint on the WB's popular witches 'n' warlocks series Charmed. The 30-year-old Gideon's Crossing alum joins the cast Sunday as Jason Dean, the new owner of the Bay Mirror Newspaper and, more importantly, a love interest for Phoebe (Alyssa Milano).

"We have somewhat of a combative start," Dane explains to TV Guide Online, "but there's chemistry and it develops into a relationship. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and then I leave. They're not killing me though — the door is left open, just in case."

As fans no doubt realize, this relationship is a big step for Phoebe, who has been out of the dating loop since her half-demon husband Cole (Julian McMahon) met his end in the show's 100th episode. Being the new guy in town is never easy, but Dane claims he hasn't been feeling any pressure. "That's probably because I had no idea about [McMahon]," he laughs. "Nobody told me I was replacing anyone."

Unlike his supernatural predecessor, Jason is exactly what he appears to be. "He's mortal, so I didn't have to learn any weird dialogue," notes the actor. "I did walk into Phoebe's house once, and I had these nymphs dancing around my head. But that was as surreal as it got for me."

While his character may not have any cool powers, Dane did get to enjoy the magical experience of smooching pinup girl Milano. "It's really great to kiss somebody who you genuinely get along with," he raves. "I think she's a really good person and she's ridiculously attractive. What's it like? It's like it's not that bad to show up at the office."