Josh Bernstein, <EM>Digging for the Truth</EM> Josh Bernstein, Digging for the Truth

Tonight, fearless Josh Bernstein goes Digging for the Truth (9 pm/ET, History Channel) behind the unsolved death of Egypt's youthful King Tutankhamun. We spoke with the survival instructor about that and other mysteries....

TV Guide: Your show is the History Channel's highest-rated original series. Is it the adventure, your good looks, what?
Josh Bernstein:
[Laughs] I think it's a combination of things. One is the cinematography. The fact that it is shot in high-definition makes it look just so stunning. Second, the archaeological mysteries — hopefully they're compelling. And third, I think, is the adrenaline component... the diving, the exploring, the going to extremes to bring these mysteries to life.

TV Guide: What do you keep in your satchel?
Bernstein: That is the one mystery of the show that I refuse to solve. [Laughs]

TV Guide: You examine King Tut tonight.
Bernstein: It should be a fun show because of the exploration of how he died, which is a debate of the archaeological world. Although he died as a boy and his kingship was not significant, I think the fascination with him and the timing of his tour — which is currently going around the U.S. — [makes] it very worthwhile.

TV Guide: What has been your most arduous exploration?
Bernstein: “The Lost City of the Amazon” was probably the toughest because we flew into a deep part of Brazil. We had to sleep in this village without any modern conveniences. I think it's between sleeping in the chief's hut for five days, or hiking across the glacier in the Alps in Season 1.

TV Guide: How do you keep your socks and undies clean in such remote places?
Bernstein: I never said I was clean. [Laughs] I do my best. In the case of the jungle, I bring a bar of soap and a bucket of water.

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