Meeow! The claws came out tonight. And fashion be darned, this is why ANTM keeps bringing most of us back season after season. I thought it was just going to be Lisa vs. Coryn, Round 2, but instead we got Lisa vs. everyone else, thanks to her drunk bubble-bathing and her obnoxious overconfidence. It was Coryn, though, who got in the last word, calling her an alcoholic bitch. As an interlude to the drama at home, we saw Iman giving a 15-second plug for her book well disguised as a way to test the girls' skills at plugging things... and also an excuse to show all of them with egg on their face. To everyone's (Lisa's) surprise, Kyle totally nailed the talk-show test. She's quickly becoming one of my favorites. Back to Lisa, who stopped fighting and learned to love the bottle and a bush (a real bush) called Cousin It. Bre proved to be the better person (better than us at home, at least), and actually tried help the girl get herself together. That gesture did worlds more good than Tyra and her bizarre "vice" speech. Bre, go help Kate Moss now, too. By the next day, Lisa was back to making her big personality work for her, and Jayla was there to take her place as the bitch. Finally, a Jayla story. (Sorry for calling her a Mormon the other day; she's a Jehovah's Witness. I'm no theologian, but I'm pretty sure backstabbing is looked down upon by both.) Was there something edited out that could have explained her blatantly stealing Nik's Secret "secret" and then ranting in the confessional room about how much she disliked Nik? By the way, given how much they have to say in the confessionals, why couldn't any of the girls come up with a better secret? Really, I'd like to know Coryn's dark story, because whatever it is, she can't hide it from the cameras. And I've never heard a rejectee leave the show with such a depressing quote: "It's a load off my shoulders."

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